Claire Hegarty was asked to write an article about coping and dealing with anxiety. She has taken time from her incredibly busy schedule to put together this marvellous piece. Everyone who meets Claire cannot help but be captivated by her knowledge and personality. I am an avid listener of her weekly radio show ‘The Health Inspector’. The show can be listened to online at Calon FM.

Do you often experience nervousness or anxiety, especially when you go somewhere new, like a big event, meeting someone for the first time, presenting to an audience? Have you noticed that your inner voice is quite often negative and getting in the way of you really achieving what you want? Do you experience certain fears related to your goals and wish you could remove them and really go for what you want? Do you lack confidence and self-belief in situations which are holding you back? Are you not being who you really want to be personally, professionally OR both?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please read on to explore ways you can start to change this for yourself

So what causes us to have these experiences?

Many people, possibly from an early age have experiences where they lacked confidence, self-belief, doubted themselves, this could be from school, relationships, not getting the job, failing an exam. When we have these kinds of experiences we interpret this in our own unique way, through our Unconscious Mind. The way we do this, is through aspects such as our current beliefs, what is important to us, how we felt at the time. This is why two people can fail the same exam and one person comes out with the mindset of “OK I am going to do what it takes to pass next time”, whereas someone else comes out with the mindset “I am a failure so, therefore, I can’t make anything happen” same event, different interpretation

So what can we do about this, techniques from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy(R) and Hypnosis, can enable us to get to the roots of these beliefs and limitations and literally remove them and “rewire” your mind to then believe and think in a useful way…is it that simple I hear you ask….and the answer to this is “yes” we as humans do this all the time..have you ever in an instant changed your mind about something, of course, you have, so these techniques work with your mind, in the way your mind naturally works

When you change beliefs and have positive supportive beliefs, this has you be in a positive mindset which then creates the results to enable you to achieve your outcomes

How can start to make this happen?

One of the most important steps is to recognise whats making you feel anxious/nervous/ self-conscious, is it the place, the people, what you are doing, become conscious of whats going on. Make a log of this, then notice whats going on inside, my guess is you are thinking of the negative outcome, rather than the positive one that makes you feel good. Your Unconscious mind, the mind that houses all of your feelings, beliefs, behaviours, is using your words and thoughts as directions and instructions – this is why when you think of a negative outcome it feels negative, even though its not even happened – so start to turn this around, start to explore what you want instead and how good it will feel when you have achieved this

This may take a little time as we are almost “trained” to focus on the negative, look at the media, tv etc etc, so if you are not sure what you want instead, take some time, explore the options, how would you be breathing, what expressions will you have you on your face, how will you feel

Also become aware of your breathing as there is a big link between how we breathe and how we feel, learn to breathe with your diaphragm – are shoulders were never meant to be part of how we breathe!

What if?

Imagine now, in all the scenarios that used to have you feel uncomfortable, you know feel calm, positive and in control. You start to look forward and get excited about going to events, meeting new people, presenting to others. The more you do the better you feel, you are more productive and are achieving more and more – doesn’t that feel great!

Best Wishes

Claire Louise Hegarty
Health and Lifestyle Expert

Claire Hegarty
Claire Hegarty

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  1. Thank you, Claire Hegarty, for reassuring us and offering a light at the end of the tunnel to anyone who tends to feel anxious easily!
    As most of us tend to do that at one time or the other, don’t be surprised to soon have an even longer queue at your door!
    Hopefully see you at Lizian Show Newark in September. 🙂 Brigitte

  2. Enjoyed this piece and having just completed my NLP practitioners course I totally agree with Claire energy flows where the mind goes so don’t be a slave to negativity, go see Claire and let her help you on the pathway to a different life.

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