Anyone who questions our commitment to The Community is well off the mark. Of course, the evidence proves we are totally committed to The Community. As an organisation, we are Community-driven and focussed on the future of the Well Being Shows. No wellbeing or dare I write mbs organisation is anything like OUR Organisation. 

We are proud of The Community’s achievements: 

The fact more people are joining our shows is a testament to the progress made by The Community. And a growing list of people waiting to attend the shows is a reflection on the continuing efforts to make people aware of our presence and purpose.

Over the previous ten weeks, Liz and Jon have distributed 12500 flyers in the Newark area. 1500 flyers have been posted to people in the Newark postcode area.

We have integrated LizianEvents News. LizianEvents website. LizianEvents Facebook page. LizianEvents Group. LizianEvents Instagram. LizianEvents Twitter. Every day there are updates and newsletters posted on these streams. Using these conduits we have connected to over 30000 people on our media streams.

We have promoted The Well Being Shows in tens of Groups and will email our 6800 verified email connections with information as we lead up to the show. We have one prominent advert in the Nottinghamshire Aspects publication. We do not choose to use a newspaper advertisement, however, Nottinghamshire Aspects seems to tick many boxes, so we ran the ad.

After hours of reflection on the idea, we have chosen to promote the shows with a flyer and poster distribution every week of the year. This will provide an opportunity for Liz and Jon to introduce The Community and their work to many hundreds of people. Readers must realise this is a significant commitment, time, printing, travelling are expensive investments. We know we must take this step to advantage The Community. 

This commitment means a reinvestment of all profits into the future of our shows. We will purchase more equipment for media production, print more distribution flyers, step up social media promotions. Our organisation is committed to the long-term success of The Community, and we will not stop in looking for further ways to promote the Well Being Shows.

The feedback received from Visitors is terrific. The reading figures for this daily newsletter are growing, and the future of LEN is on target for the 10000 views per month. As attendance and profits rise, we will reinvest in new ventures which will benefit The Community. Be assured; we are not working to organise mediocre events which lose appeal to Visitors. We know there must be new ideas, stronger connections between Attending Community and Visitor Community and maybe another venue for more events. These are all reasons for reinvestment and continuous re-appraisal of our objectives.

We will continue to promote and push each show until the doors open. And during each show, we will be filming, recording interviews and asking Visitors to take part in surveys. From this information, we will adjust the promotions and tweak the events.  

And now it is the turn of all who work with us to fulfil the agreement made when you decided to become a Community Member. All are directed to read The Community Information page before making the first booking. 

Here is the first paragraph:

All Community Members are expected to promote The Well Being Shows. It is essential for prospective Community Members to understand this requirement. All Social platforms must be utilised to best advantage The Community. Potential Community Members MUST accept and understand this aspect of our organisation. Community Members employ LEN (LizianEvents News) and LizianEvents social platforms to promote the shows. Do not read further if the desire is to be an exhibitor – we are Community Driven – OUR success is a mirror of mutual promotion and working in unison to guide our Visitors to discover ways to become a Well Being.

On the same page are the eight guiding principals which we ask all Community Members to understand and follow to their best of ability. 

☞Community Information page

There are fifteen days to the show. And I ask you to connect to the LizianEvents Group – LizianEvents Page and LizianEvents News at least five times over the next fifteen days. And when you visit OUR Social Media sites: share the posts or articles about The Newark Well Being Show to your OWN Page, and ask your friends to help you succeed at the show in the comments made in the share. Ask your friend to share your posts. Remember you do this for your benefit and the benefit of The Community. 

We must recognise the fact: Sixty Community Members are attending The Newark Well Being Show. If each shares our media posts five times (minimum), that is 300 potential people who will also share the information, if the friends share with the information just once and then their friends share the sentiment just once: magic will happen. 300 x 300 x 300 = magic.

I ask you to consider the future of OUR Well Being Shows. The potential for the future is fantastic. This is not an illusion, every one of The Community is part of a unique evolution. And as more and more begin to see the possibilities of well attended and consistent shows, because of the unique way we promote The Community. The more people will attend and the greater the potential for expansion and prosperity for all involved.

If you are a Community Member who is not attending The Newark Well Being Show, I ask you to help your fellow Community Members and share the Media Posts. In an earlier post, I asked Visitors to consider themselves as Community Members. In certainty, the shows cannot exist without Visitor Community attendance. And if you are thinking or have decided to visit this (or any) of our events, I ask you also to share the work of The Community. 

Be part of an incredible and unique Community-Driven organisation.

See You Soon

☞Community Information page


  1. The pace quickens the excitement builds. Sharing is caring we are told so as I have repeatedly said people let’s get behind this share share and share again the more we can get interested and the more people that interact with each other the more people we can get the word out to so they can become a “well being” This attracts more conversation bringing in more footfall which equals more revenue and contacts for the community members. Simple really and I leave this statement with a thought sitting here reading statuses and agreeing with their content is good but thoughts only become something when we apply action to them and action shapes destiny. Just my thoughts.

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