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Darren Stanton’s articles gain an immense following. Having achieved over 3500 reads on LEN it is understandable we would like him to make further contributions. 

The difficulty is, his diary is always heavily booked, and therefore it is difficult for him to find the time to write new articles for publication. Yesterday’s post has achieved high reading figures, so we know there is demand for his wisdom and thoughts.

I spoke to Darren yesterday and wondered if we could make some recordings on a specific subject:

“What would you like me to consider?”
“Would you be interested in recording a series of articles on the ‘Power of Connections?”

Darren and I have talked about this subject on many occasions. Indeed, we both feel that once two or more people connect and then share each other work, the result will always be beneficial.

I once wrote that the moment two people work together and talk about each other’s endeavours the ideas and objectives spoken about will activate. The moment three or more people unite to an single purpose magic will happen. Nothing will change my feeling that the power of unified thought cannot be ignored. This is why I write and talk about every aspect of the LizianEvents Organisation. Once written and then read, the ideas become a reality.

Darren and I have decided to record a series of interviews. In the conversations, we discuss our plans, objectives and future. The listen will gain incredible insight into the potential of dialogue. (dialogue is the exchange of thoughts and ideas) You will discover why Darren makes his choices on a daily basis. You will realise why there should be no fear of making significant changes. 

The recordings will provide insight into why patience is the first lesson to learn in any new venture. We will consider why long-term understanding objectives are of more importance than focussing on short-term gain. Do not think you will be receiving a master class of business practice. We intend to produce articles far away from business methods and closer to understanding that connected and shared ventures are new ways to mutual success.

Initially will record three audio recordings which will cover the subject of connecting without fear of plagiarism. We will talk about the methods Darren uses when connecting with new clients. I will discuss my belief in community and connecting people together. 

I approached Darren with an idea: in the email are two relevant paragraphs:

“Surely we can harvest something?  We are in a transitional space D. You are on the verge of fantastic success, and so, I feel, are Liz and I. I sense we could make headways by combining wisdom and knowledge. Not from a partnership: but from a short period of interaction which demonstrates how powerful mutual sharing and a commitment to the success of friends works in an unstable world.

We could demonstrate to many people that working together, with trust and an open exchange of views we can inspire others to work with us. Some will come to LizianEvents shows others will subscribe to Darren Stanton streams and books. It does not matter who gains the most, it is the demonstration of the exchange of ideas which will captivate the minds of the viewers”.

Darren’s simple reply: 

“I’m in – When do we start?”

Well, we begin next week, and the first recording will go out sometime in the next seven days. After the recordings are finished, we will produce two videos which cover the main ideas which arise during our conversations. There will be no pretentious or dogmatic ideas, just reflections on how we ‘navigate’ the oceans of commercial success. 

Remember fifteen per cent of the labour force in the U.K is self-employed, and this does not account for the millions who are employed by their self-created limited liability companies. Many of the people who are part of The Community would like to make the transition from part-time to full-time self-employed status. Maybe, our conversations will help a few people to make this transition. 

You see, our organisation’s foundation is the pursuit of ways to become a Well Being. Every aspect of this journey is covered within the ethos. This is one more piece in the jigsaw of Well Being 

See You Soon

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