Today we look at some of the Media Walls used over the last month, and we consider the statistics for Instagram posts and our videos. The three videos below have achieved good viewing figures (200+ at the time of writing). Instagram posts are promising, again we have achieved 200+ likes since beginning to use the platform. It is possible to post videos on Instagram so this will be our next step for promotions. Although we do not need to see hundreds of ‘views’ to gain an advantage. The fact people are looking at the videos is the key to long-term success.

Key to making longterm progress is consistency and daily posts. Readers will discover the commitment to expanding awareness of The Community will be relentless. We have moulded the identity, we are recognised as the Community-Driven Well Being organisation.

Do not confuse LizianEvents as The Community:

LizianEvents organises and provides the platforms on which The Community thrives. For our part we make and take the good and sometimes difficult choices for the smooth running of each event, we guide Vistors to Community: our purpose is to instigate the suggestions made by Visitors and Community. The Community makes the Well Being Shows thrive and leave a lasting memory in the minds of the Visitors. And as Visitors numbers grow and The Community will be seen as central to this success.

The reach of any promotion goes further than the initial encounter. Anyone who ‘likes what they see’ will talk about the subject. We love the phrase ‘Ripples in the Pond’ and this is how consistent promotion works. It does not matter how large the pond (Visitors) or how small the pebble (our media streams). The action of throwing the pebble means connections will be made.

The videos are produced to be informative and demonstrate to both Visitors and The Community our intent and dedication to the future of OUR Well Being Shows. If you hover over the ‘DARTS” on every video you can share the video either as an ’embed’ or directly to your social media pages. Incidentally: all videos produced after the 8th of September will be Twitter compatible.


We have enjoyed great success with the Instagram wall: this new stream will be updated every day: Here are examples of nine recent posts: Again we are pleased with the early progress and Instagram videos will become part of the campaigns.

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Our sites ‘visit numbers’ are growing:

As we continue to expand the depth and breadth of the information about The Community. Visitors will enjoy greater contact with The Community and learn about our Shows and future plans and objectives. The ‘Media Walls’ are very much part of the evolution.

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The only way for us to grow the awareness of The Community is by using every available media and internet stream. We have established ourselves as THE only Community Driven Well Being Organisation in the U.K. We are the first an therefore we lead. We are unique and without comparison: Those who are joining or already within The Community must see the benefits of being unified in the purpose of helping Visitors, Friends to the ways of becoming a Well Being.

Newark Well Being Show
15 and 16th of September
Cedric Ford Pavillion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

Newark Show Ground Map
Newark Show Ground Map

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