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There are financial aspects to becoming a Well Being. Many feel material stability is the foundation for emotional security and creative ability. Others will comment ‘peace and happiness are beyond riches’ both ideas have standalone merit. When combined the incredible potentials of which all humans hold within their mind can be realised.

This recording is the first of three conversations recorded with tv psychologist Darren Stanton. (☞Darren’s Wikipedia page) Our discussion lasts for seventeen minutes. The listener is guided to listen to the whole discussion to gain an insight into Darren’s experiences.

The subject is “Rights of Passage” we talk about the need for authenticity and learn one’s craft or skills. We are cautioned about information put out on social media. We follow on with thoughts on determination and perseverance. 

The listener will be surprised at how much Darren earns for a one-hour presentation. Do not consider Darren talks about his income in a boastful way. The information is there as verification of the demand for his knowledge. He works at boardroom level with peers of industry, governmental departments and television. If his talent had no basis, his success would be short-lived.

The listener will undoubtedly learn from the messages spoken about in this recording. And can adapt them to their advantage. Darren’s most poignant message is ‘seek and listen to criticism’. You can download the conversation without charge from the link at the end of the article. The platform used is safe and secure. You are asked for an email address because this is where the file will be delivered.  

Incidentally: the anecdote about Victor’s (wealthy businessman) guidance about the most important consideration when starting a business may need clarification. Victor maintained: that one must work out one’s total monthly personal overheads before starting a business. He argued that in the initial stages of a business start-up you must be able to earn sufficient to pay your monthly bills and living expenses. Anything made over this amount must be returned to the business for growth and long-term prosperity. His opinion that people’s belief that their business profit was their own to spend, is the reason for most business failure, still holds water today.


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  1. Fascinating insight and to both of you thank you for putting mortar between the bricks of my foundations, I know that I am on the right path, those that know me know how passionate I am about what I do and it is nice to see when somebody of similar thoughts lays down a path for others to follow.To see that it is based on results, evidence and hard work is comforting in the early stages. I have spoken to Darren and can confirm what a down to earth honest man he is and Ians work and outlook fascinates me. I glean from this audio hard work occasional disappointment (which gives feedback) and dedication to your craft (that will at times test your resolve)will yield results. Darren explained to me about gaining traction and not quitting at the wrong moment all those unseen hours efforts etc, investment in time and energy are required to actually get your business idea moving. From one highly motivated person thank you to you both for your time and effort and for posting this, best regards Rick.

    • Thank you Rick for your insightful and extensive reply. The key to the recording is that the ideas put forward do work. Few understand the requirement to see the long road. There are no short cuts: and we do expeirence setbacks during the early stages. Keep going, keep working, keep sharing and heightening your visibility. And you will reach your objective. Ian

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