This is the finest Well Being talk schedule of 2018: The Vistors will enjoy a weekend of the finest speakers on alternative ideas, thoughts and concepts. The diversity and quality of this coming weekends schedule are brilliant. This schedule combined with the ninety plus Community Members working during the event must make the most compelling reason to visit this amazing Well Being Show.

And The Community MUST be proud that they can give their Vistors one of the best reasons to come to this Well Being Show.

Remember all the talks are free – It is only the two workshops which have a fee.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show – 3 & 4 November 2018

Saturday 3 November: 

Room 1:

11.00am  Brigitte Rix – ‘The Afterlife French Lady’ 

In her talk Brigitte will show you ‘How to conquer your fears’. Anything unknown is scary:

Making decisions for the future, coping with bereavement, health worries, will become easier, as Medium Brigitte Rix’s explanations offer you hope, knowledge and upliftment. 

It’s life changing! Your questions are most welcome.

12.00pm  Robert Brown – Aura Soma:

Beyond Colour – When you choose from the wonderful array of Aura-Soma equilibrium coloured bottles, you have the possibility of recognising yourself on a very deep level.

Discover the wonderful being you are and the gifts and talents you offer.

1.00pm  Jane Osborne – Exploring Past Lives

Author of ‘Exploring Past Lives’ Jane presents a fascinating insight into Past Life Regression. 

2.00pm  Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go:

Be the best you can be…  Transform Your Life on Automatic

We all know what the “right things to do” are. The fact that we don’t then do them shows that our conscious efforts are somewhat lacking. We need to deal with the new ways of living our lives at the level the old learning’s live at. Steven will explain how to remove our old mental programs and replace them with the new desired ones.

3.00pm  Campbell Wallace – Second Chance

Transplant survivor Campbell Wallace tells of his journey from being fit and active, through chronic illness and ultimately his life-saving transplant.  An inspiration for all and living proof of how a positive attitude can aid your journey in this life. 

4.00pm  Katt Lawrence – WildKatt

Katt demonstrates Shamanic Healing the WildKatt way

Room 2:

11.00am  Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols 

Introduction to Crystals with Melody Accredited Teacher Carol Wallace.  In this presentation, Carol introduces to you the basic principles of crystal healing, and how you can start this wondrous journey.  

12.00pm  Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication:

How animals and people can mirror symptoms and illness and how this can be prevented.

1.00pm  Claire Hegarty – Emperor Training Solutions Ltd:

An Introduction to the Wizard’s Secrets – mini workshop

An Introduction to The Wizard’s Secrets is a wide range of Ancient and Spiritual teachings from around the world, including Huna – Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism and how we can bring these Ancient teachings into everyday life, to create more health, wealth, success and happiness.

2.00pm  Teri Clayton – Pure Foods Fresh

The world’s most nutrient dense food just landed in the UK – Raw!

4.00pm  Barrie John Medium 

A very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration.  Attendees will be guaranteed a superb audience with one of this country’s well known and respected Mediums. 

Room 3:

11.00am  Rachel Bavin – Elemental Balance

Workshop: Experience energetic balancing frequencies as a group. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level.

Bioresonance fine-tunes your energetic body, clears blockages and balances you at your core-cellular energetic level and helps you to return to equilibrium. When your energy field is in balance and harmony, the physical body also experiences optimal health.

Using Bio-resonance energy balancing tools can bring about an incredibly subtle and deep-healing, yet it is painless, safe and totally non-invasive. As a transformation modality, bio-resonance is a comprehensive and powerful tool for energy balancing and healing on all levels of your Being: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

12.00pm  Christina Warr – Forever Living

At a crossroads in your life?  Wondering what your future holds? 

Come and see how you can take back control of your life and what the Forever Living Network can offer you.  Forever Living – Looking after your Health and Wealth.

1.00pm  Paula North – Isagenix

Isagenix – solutions to transform lives!  Do you struggle with your sleep, need more energy or need to lose a few lbs, come and hear how Isagenix can help.

2.00pm  Annie Gilbert – Pink Moods

Reset yourself – Annie Gilbert, Pink Moods

Want to know how to reset yourself when things go horribly wrong?  Annie, founder of Pink Moods tells her own powerful story of resilience and helps you to challenge your

mindset to start to get yourself unstuck and future-focused.

3.00pm  Rosalind Smith – Slimmer Within

From Desperation To Liberation – Learn how to listen to your own internal guidance, 

step into your own greatness and shine.  Workshop – Finally Thin Forever – A unique -approach to weight loss where nothing is impossible.  I help people say goodbye to ‘diets’ 

and keep the weight off for life

Room 4:

11.30am John Richardson – Weight Loss Workshop £30

John is an experienced and well-respected hypnotherapist specialising in Weight loss.  Join John at this one of a kind Hypno-Gastric Band Workshop… In John’s words: ‘Come along and let’s see how many people we can help all in one go… But only come if you really, really want to lose that weight… And you will!’

2.00pm  Kiran John – Woodland Trust

How can trees make us happy?  Getting out and smelling the trees is good for us. Why spending time in a woodland lifts our spirits and is essential to our wellbeing.

3.00pm Iza Moon 

Iza Moon is an experienced and compassionate Luminary Guide and Songstress.  During these inspirational sessions, she will weave together a flow of breath work and guided visualisation, interspersed with her deeply soothing and soulful songs.  This is an opportunity to journey deep into the Oneness of your inner sanctity, experiencing the harmonious bliss and abundance of pure Love, Divine Light and Infinite Peace.  Here, we connect with the Essence of our being and remember our True Selves – conscious, whole and free. 

Iza uses the therapeutic sounds of the Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute, Classical Guitar, Ocean Harp and Chimes. 

Lincolnshire Well Being Show – 3 & 4 November 2018

Sunday 4 November:

Room 1: 

11.00am  Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication

How energy healing and listening to your pets can help both them and you, including a demonstration of how to use a pendulum with your pets.

12.00pm  Debbie Mace – Stop Happy

Debbie is an occupational therapist and creator of the ‘sense’sense© approach, who during this workshop, will talk about how she can help people stop smoking and be happy

1.00pm  James Cook – Gut Health Club

The root cause of Auto-immune conditions and how to heal them naturally: My name is James Cook, and this talk will include my story to inspire others to take control of their health and show that dis-ease is for you not to you.  I will share information about parasites and other toxins in our bodies and how they are the cause for all the “in-curable” illnesses.  I aim to show how some simple conscious lifestyle changes/choices can positively impact our lives and allow us to be our true self and live life to the fullest. 

2.00pm  Claire Hegarty – Emperor Training Solutions Ltd

Secrets to Success mini-workshop: Claire shares how techniques like NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis can enable people to get into the most empowering mindset, by removing mental/emotional blocks and barriers, such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs and teach people how to then go forward and achieve their goals – in all areas of life – consistently, creating the best quality of life  both personally and professionally they can.

3.00pm  David Albans – Journey into Wholeness

How to stop worrying: A practical, prayerful and spiritual guide to overcoming worry and finding a sense of peace.

4.00pm  Brigitte Rix – How to use your secret weapon to improve your life.

Free Tips & Tools to help you regain peace of mind, rebalance your life emotionally & physically. Become aware your flesh is only a fragile disguise, reflecting your emotions.

Brigitte helps you discover the real you: a vibrating, far-sensing Energy Being, with a powerful, creative Thought Power. You can protect yourself. You can make things happen!

Room 2: 

11.00am  Carole Catterall – Positive Resonance

A demonstration of Positive Resonance: Today’s talk is about energy and the human aura, in particular, the effects that thoughts, words and emotions have on our energy field; how this impacts the body’s meridian and chakra energy pathways; the tissues and organs they feed and ultimately our general health and wellbeing. The talk will be followed by a fun, interactive session – involving a set of dowsing rods, and some very simple actions carried out by a few willing members of the audience – to demonstrate the effects of this energy in action. Join Carole, for this interesting and enlightening session!

12.00pm  Robert Hawk – Hawks House:

Shamanic Healing and how it works.  Robert explains the methods of Shamanic Healing, what it is, it’s traditions and how Shamanic Healing can be used. 

1.00pm  Eliza Hodge – New Horizons

Geopathic Stress and Sick Building Syndrome: Eliza helps you recognise the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome, and introduces you to the tools that can be used to improve your home environment and eliminate Geopathic stress.

2.00pm  Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols:

A guide for all who love crystals on basic crystals to use for your benefit, chakras and grids, and how to cleanse your crystals.

4.00pm  Rick Paul Spiritual Medium

Join Rick as he gives an insight into his spiritual journey.  Rick encourages people to realise their own abilities in order to move forward in their lives and delivers messages of comfort and reassurance.

Room 3: 

11.00am  Don & Carol Harradine – Ancient Chinese Arts

The Dance of Life workshop:  Based on the principles derived from Silat Tua, a traditional art to be found in Malaysia.  The art covers all aspects from healing, general health, esoteric and self-defence.  At the core of the art is ‘Ilmu Parian’ the ancient knowledge of the dance of life.  It is this dance of life that will be the focus of the workshop.  The dance or Tari embodies principles from animals, mythical creatures, deities and the elements from nature, many familiar to practitioners of Yoga.

12.00pm  Jurga Proudlove – doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Learn how to manage your mood, emotions and hormones with Nature’s Fragrant Pharmacy:

Do you feel like you are on a huge rollercoaster when it comes to your moods and emotions?

Would you like to feel more in control of your emotional health?

Would your children and family benefit from you having more balanced hormones?

Would you prefer to feel more level-headed at work as well as at home?

At this talk you will learn how we can tap into nature to help manage our moods, emotions and hormones in a more natural way with the help of plant power.

1.00pm  Alan Wood – Native American Traditions

Alan has travelled extensively visiting Native American sacred sites, reservations, meeting and spending time with the people and gaining an understanding of their history and culture..  Here he will present a talk about ‘Everyday life of the Lakota before European influence’ – a fascinating insight into the ways and customs of the Lakota people. 

2.00pm  Justin Iles – Central Wellness Yoga Studio

Justin Iles teaches mindfulness sessions at the Centre, alongside certified 8-week mindfulness courses and is a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher. He is a qualified Psychotherapist specialising in working in local schools with children and adolescents.  Join Justin for a relaxing meditation to bring mindfulness into your day.

Room 4:

11.30am  Darren Stanton – 2-hour Workshop – £20:

Darren presents a life-changing workshop.  In the two hour seminar, you will learn how to read a person’s integrity and learn how to influence their choices. 

2.00pm  Philip Underwood – P & G Underwood NLP training 

“Getting to Grips with….”  negative self-talk and feelings.

In this new series of “Getting to Grips with ….” Philip begins by helping us take a look at the way in which we talk to ourselves – and how it makes us feel.  He gives tips and techniques to help us change any negative self-talk into a more positive experience which in turn will lead us to more positive feelings.

3.30pm  Iza Moon

Iza Moon is an experienced and compassionate Luminary Guide and Songstress.  Iza will weave together a flow of breath work and guided visualisation, interspersed with her deeply soothing and soulful songs.  This is an opportunity to journey deep into the Oneness of your inner sanctity, experiencing the harmonious bliss and abundance of pure Love, Divine Light and Infinite Peace.  Here, we connect with the Essence of our being and remember our True Selves – conscious, whole and free.  Iza uses the therapeutic sounds of the Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute, Classical Guitar, Ocean Harp and Chimes. 

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