The weekend will be an unforgettable Visitor experience. We have 96 Community Members attending: a talk schedule of 38 fascinating seminars and 2 life-changing workshops there is enough to interest every Visitor.

For the first time, we have a children’s area where kids and parents can play. As this is the first time we have considered this aspect of the show the facility will be somewhat limited. However, like all facets of our Well Being Shows we will evolve the idea during 2019.

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The number of Spiritual Consultants is kept down to the usual figure of around twelve Community Members. We do not wish to saturate this aspect of our Well Being Shows. The number is well below any other event when considering the total number of Community Members. The ratio is around one reader to seven other genres of attendees: I have attended shows in the past where the ration is one to three. When there are twenty-three readers in a total of sixty stalls the chances of success are diminished.

This brings me to suggest that if we added another ten readers and increased the number of Community in each genre, we would have over one-hundred and thirty differing stalls at this event. How would this work out? Well, in truth it would spell a disaster for the ethos of the show. No doubting we would make a handsome profit at the event: and no doubting we would ruin our reputation for fairness and integrity.

Until we bring the Visitor attendance up to the magic number of one thousand per weekend we will keep a close eye on the balance of Community Members and stall ratios. Visitor numbers dictate the distribution of Community Members.

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We believe this is why our Well Being Shows are enjoying a growing reputation amongst our Visitors and is also the reason for the increasing numbers of new Visitors coming to the Well Being Shows. This is one of the most pleasing aspects to the events: the fact we see new faces ‘show on show’ and they return following events with new friends. This has to be due to the policy of a good balance of Community Members and a fair ratio between the genres or types of stalls.

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I would ask you all to consider this factor and remember it is important to remind your customers and friends of this aspect of our work. The factor? The fact of fairness and balance. We have set numbers of stall allotted to each show. For example, we have a cap of six crystal tables at each show. We could easily double this figure, and we will not exceed this figure. As the Visitor walks the floor of the show they should feel the fairness of this aspect of the show.

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