Now Community Members and Vistors are beginning to use the Events Group to promote their work: And this indicates a shift in awareness of our objectives. And as the use of the Group, Directory and Free Ad’s grows we will see further growth in The Well Being Shows.

For some time I have struggled to overcome the resistance for people to use our platforms for their own benefit. A Community Member comments “Ian people believe it is for YOUR benefit, not theirs” and he possibly has a point. I know there are some who feel our organisation is dictatorial: during the same conversation The Community Member comments “I spoke to a couple of people who said they would NEVER share and follow the ideas we put forward” That is fine by me, there are many who are seeing the benefit of the facilities we provide.

If you have anything which you feel the Well Being Shows, Community Members and Vistors may find of interest, then use the Group, Directory and Free Ads. Do we as organisers benefit? To some degree, however: The Community, Visitors and The Well Being Shows thrive due to the interest.

If you are not using the facilities: consider the potential: there is no doubt people are receiving bookings and making sales from the assets.

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Wall of Influence

Think about the potential of promoting your work on a growing, thriving and active media platform. The more you use it the busier The Well Being Shows become. The busier the shows the more you thrive. The more you thrive the greater your success. And once the wheel of success begins to spin your fortunes change for the better.

Spin Your Wheel of Fortune

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