What can Visitors expect from this next Lincolnshire Well Being Show?

This is the most important show we have organised so far. The promotion has been relentless. Thousands of flyers, hundreds of hours of commitment to extending the awareness of this prestigious event. It is our intention to continue to evolve to become recognised by our Visitors as ‘A Show Worth Visiting’. We cannot lose the momentum and dedication given by many of our Community Members and Visitors.

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Visitors can travel to The Lincolnshire Well Being Show this weekend; safe in the knowledge their journey will not be wasted:

One certainty is there will be plenty for everyone to enjoy from Spiritual Councillors, massage, alternative healing, Yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations and even a Reiki share there can be no doubt Visitors who love this aspect of the Well Being Show are in for a memorable weekend.

There is a healthy number of retail stalls. From ethical gifts, food supplements, essential oils, esoterical gifts, crystals and silver jewellery. I know this is a well-worn statement: But there is something for everyone. If you wish to choose unusual and unique gifts for yourself, friends and family there is no better opportunity prior to the festive season.

The 38 talks and two workshops will please all visitors who have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. The schedule varies from ideas of wealth and prosperity, health and nutrition, emotional balance and of course spiritual discussion.


For the first time, we have a small area dedicated to children’s entertainment. The area consists of two tables and some activities. However, we are sure parents will see this as an acknowledgement of the need to fulfil this requirement. We are intent on expanding the possibilities in 2019 for children entertainment, and as with all of our evolutions, we feel there has to be a unique and exciting way of providing a safe and secure haven for visitor’s children in the future.

Lincolnshire Show Ground’s Epic Centre is a brilliant facility for any event. And it fits right into the ethos of our Well Being Shows. Ecology and the health of Mother Earth are reflected in this building. It is environmentally friendly: but with recycled and locally sourced materials it is a masterpiece of architectural design.

The Visitor will enjoy a substantial menu to suit all tastes. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are available, and all are ethically prepared. Of course, if you chose to bring your food for dietary reasons: feel free to do so!

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We will NOT have an occurrence of June’s carpark issue. Visitors can be assured that there is unlimited parking and access for The Well Being Show. The disabled parking and facilities are second to none. Do not feel you would not gain access to all aspects of the event. There is a lift up to the talk rooms with full access.

With the extensive promotion of The Well Being Show, these are little more to comment as we near the opening day. Visitors should be in no doubt of the organiser’s commitment to making The Community’s Well Being Shows a smooth running and enjoyable experience. There is no doubt The Community will pull out all of the stops make this event sing: Visitors will be welcomed by intelligent, knowledgeable and wise people who are specialist in their chosen fields.

LizianEvents has a policy of constant evolution. Our Community has taken the idea of working together to a new level. And we will see this continuous evolution make more beneficial changes for Visitors during 2019 and beyond. Every Visitor should be clear we listen to their needs and ideas. We have an idea where we are taking the shows, and there are more than a few changes ready for 2019. We take this opportunity to thank everyone who makes The Well Being Shows so special.

We are under no illusion: Without the patronage of our Visitors, we cannot evolve. No doubt mistakes have been made, and some ideas did not work. However: The Well Being Shows are like a living being, and we move on to new horizons. Visitors will always see changes. Some Community Members leave, and others are exhibiting other events, and this is great for Visitors who will enjoy a fresh and exciting show.

One thing is for sure: The Well Being Shows progress and will continue to build new friendships and extend the ideas of becoming a Well Being to extended horizons. As we look forward to the new year, we see a healthy interest in The Well Being Shows from new people wishing to become Community Members. The depth and breadth of the events continue to expand, and this attracts new Visitors.

Everyone who visits the November Well Being Show is sure to enjoy a memorable event.

Enjoy Life – Become a Well Being

See You Soon

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  1. Great Show, great weekend! So exciting!
    Looking forward to being with you all …and meeting our new and ‘old’ Visitors! 🙂 xx

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