We announced The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show which will take place next year. The dates are Saturday, November 30th and Sunday, December 1st. The venue will be the Cedric Ford Pavilion – Newark Show Ground.

We received a fantastic response to this announcement. Twenty stands at the event have already been taken, and we see no reason why the show should not be fully subscribed in a few months and with a year of solid promotion the show should be well attended.

There were some who questioned this move; making the observation that we were Well Being Shows. Not only this; my attention was correctly drawn to my feelings about MBS shows in general.

One constant comment:

“Yes, but this will affect the reputation of The Well Being Shows, how can you organise both. When you claim to be Community driven?”

Allow me to address our reasoning:

The principal consideration is we are organisers of events. With this in mind, we should review our track record of putting together excellent shows which attain brilliant reviews and feedback. Now, be clear in your mind; LizianEvents is the organiser: The Community are the success of the shows. And as the shows evolve, we discover an exemplary group of people who work together to a single purpose attain incredible results. The reason this is happening is The Community choose to work within a statue of guidelines.

Those who feel the guidelines do not work for them, correctly move on, those who enjoy the benefits of the statues prosper. We should accept there are those who do not believe that our ethos and integrity are the reality. Such is life, everyone is entitled to an opinion, although this wrong opinion is dissolved and rebuked by the evidence. Last weekends Lincolnshire Well Being Show demonstrated that the ethos and integrity of The Community driven idea that flows through the essence of The Well Being Shows is a reality, not a myth.

Our future is made by bringing people together to work in unison. And the unity produces the reward. The tighter the bond, the higher the reward. This is a foundation stone of right-minded and even spiritual belief. As is the power of free will: Freewill guides us to follow the path which works best for our future and security. Therefore Community Members choose to be part of a well-organised platform which has guiding precepts which enhance the possibilities of success.

The Well Being Shows will always have the same ethos. They are recognised as a unique and powerful way of becoming a Well Being. The Well Being Shows are a blend of people with different ideas, beliefs, products who choose to work together extraordinarily. This is why the Well Being Shows are thriving and will continue to thrive. We almost feel the events are alive and breathing during the opening hours.

So why MBS now?

During conversations with Heather, Jon, David and others, I have consistently expressed the view that any MBS organiser who grasps the nettle and proclaims from the highest mountain ‘This is a mind body spirit event’ and we are proud of the identity; would reign supreme. As I look back at the screenshots in my research files, I see the word MBS on promotional information and slowly but surely the word ‘wellbeing’ entering the equation. And this is fine and dandy! I smile every time I see it because it has been Liz and my intention of expanding the portfolio of shows right from the initial design of our organisation. Everyone can do as they chose. But, for me, the crossover is a dilution of something which has immense appeal and many followers.

Therefore; as organisers of events and shows, we see room for many of our Community Members to thrive outside of the platform of Well Being. There is no crossover or just changing the name of Well Being Show to MBS. We have a clearly defined idea or version of a Mind Body and Spirit show that we will present to The Community. Do not forget we have tens of years of experience of working within this style of event.

We have just over twelve months to bring The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show together. Just look at what The Community has done over the last eighteen months. Do not doubt the new and growing members will contribute to this addition to our portfolio of shows.

Yes, we must accept there will be certain types of products and genres that will not fit within the parameters of The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. Some may feel they have been excluded, however, I would ask you to wait and see our organisation evolve. Trust us when we say to you, we will be offering other opportunities to compensate for the limitations of which will be in the Newark Mind Body and Show guide.

The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show:

Ok, I will not be giving away any plans for the event. However, you will see some significant innovations. Anyone who thinks this will be a run of the mill ‘rent a room and fill it with exhibitors’ best think again. Anyone who says we will compromise the essence of the traditional meaning of a Mind Body and Spirit Show best think again. Anyone who thinks we are not intent on casting a magnificent expression of this long-standing tradition, best think again.

Openness and Integrity Every Time:

The first show will be subsidised; in other words, we make concessions to those who chose to be part of the first event. We may decide to subsidise the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show for subsequent events. The reason we do this is to make the show thrive and give the Community Members involved a chance of success. We subsidised the earlier Well Being Shows with low entrance fees, in this instance, we choose to slightly lower the stand fees to encourage new and fledgeling Community to the event.

The Genre of Community:

Here is a list of genres which will make The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show a dedicated traditional show: Too many, ‘Mind Body and Spirit’ conjure up the following thoughts/associations and concepts. And these names will become the fabric of the show:

Amulets, After-life, Akashic records, Alchemy, Angelic, Angel Card Reading, Art and Artists, Aromatherapy, Astral, Astrology, Aura, Authors, Books, Cards, Chakras, Clairvoyant, Clothing, Colours, Crystals, Divination and Divining, Dowsing Rods, Dreamcatchers, Drums, Energy Healing, Esoteric, Fairies, Flutes, Gnostic, Ghosts and Ghost Hunting, Guardian Angels, Healing, Harmonising, Herbs and Tinctures, Holistic, Hypnosis, Incense, Intuition, Inspirational, Karma, Kinesiology, Law of Attraction, Lightworkers, Magick, Mandala, Metaphysics, Mediums, Meditation, Mysticism, Occult, Oracle, Pagan, Paranormal, Psychic, Palmistry, Radionics, Reiki, Reflexology, Rituals and Ritual Magic, Runes, Sacred Geometry, Scrying, Seance, Spiritual Healing, Soul Healing, Past and Future Life Regression, Pendulums, Psychic Studies, Sound Therapy, Spells and Incantations, Spiritual Courses, Tarot, Singing Bowls, Tingsha, Talismans, Tree of Life, Wiccan, Zodiac.

Those who feel they can add to the list and contribute anything which is within the arena of the traditional Mind Body and Spirit Show, go for it and ask for a booking form. This show will thrive on the obscure, different and unique. We know many Visitors are craving for a return of a purely traditional show and The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show will fulfil the need.

See You Soon

Want to join the Newark MBS Show in 2019?  Simply email info@lizianevents.com

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