Lincolnshire Show Review

Working through the many aspects of the Lincolnshire Well Being Show has taken some time. There is an awareness of the need to keep the article focused on the essence of the event. With this in mind, the review is concise. This report contains figures and a general assessment of the progress of the Lincoln Shire Well Being Show.

Visitor Numbers:

Saturday: 407
Sunday: 395
Total: 802

Remember we do not count Visitors who attend on both days. We reckon that one person cannot be counted twice. Yes, there is the entrance fee to consider. However, Visitors must be accounted for by their identity. Therefore, each is calculated one time only. Furthermore, if we change the way of counting numbers, the show on show figures will become distorted.

So, the figure is 802 Visitors which indicates an increase of two hundred and seventy Visitors from the June Well Being Show. The conclusion is we are moving in the right direction, and there is no reason why the ‘magic thousand’ Visitors should not be attained in 2019.


The two seminars received valuable feedback. John Richardson and Darren Stanton were pleased with the attendance. We feel that this avenue has been explored and for the time being, we will no longer offer workshops in the present format. We have a new idea for the workshops which will be tested during 2019. And this may well be of advantage to The Community.

Talk Schedule:

The thirty-eight talks had mixed numbers of attendance. The overwhelming feeling is that the number of talks was excellent. Visitors gave ‘thumbs up’ to the quality and diversity of the presentations. Some of The Community ran the gauntlet of public speaking for the first time. They should congratulate themselves on the reviews received. It takes courage to speak in front of an unknown audience. We should never underestimate the pressure to present a well-rounded talk.

Live Demonstrations:

Don, Grace and Philip excelled themselves. The show enjoyed Visitors who came specifically to interact with the Tai Chi and Yoga demonstrations. It is heartening to see Grace, Don and Philip giving their valuable time to provide a valuable and enjoyable asset to The Well Being Shows. We are confident this aspect will grow over the years and Visitors will enjoy the pleasures provided by these powerful aspects of wellbeing.

Children’s Entertainment:

First time out and a real ‘Jack in The Box’ surprise – This is a hundred and ten per cent winner. Parents and children were left to play at the tables, and they enjoyed the facilities offered. There is every intention to expand on this aspect of The Well Being Shows. Next year parents and kids will have a real treat to enjoy when they visit their specialised area. We offer many thanks to the businesses which supported us with gifts for the children to play with, of particular note: The Woodland Trust excelled with their contribution many thanks for your donations.

Quality of Stands:

The quality of the presentation was first class. Many Community Members are developing their image at every Well Being Show. It is heartening to listen to Visitors commenting on the professionalism of presentation. It seems there is a real pride in making the very best display for the Visitors to enjoy. Well done The Community.

Show Format – Floor Plan:

As Organisers, we have to evolve, and evolution requires adjustment. After the Lincolnshire Well Being Show in June: Liz and I decided to shelve the idea of nominating the two halls by genre. So we blended the Well Being Spirit and Well Being Body aspects for this show. We also chose to limit the number of stands on the floor. The Visitors loved the format: Two Community Members complained about the layout; feeling they were disadvantaged by their position. However, one had changed her mind by five on Sunday proclaiming ‘This is the best show I have ever attended’. Do not think we will leave the floor plan in its present design. We have some unique surprises ready for 2019.


The caterers provided an excellent and varied menu for Visitors to enjoy. I asked many Visitors for their opinion regarding the catering and while there were comments about price. Few complained about the menu, portion size or quality. Catering is a problematic business at any event. It is difficult to anticipate the dietary requirement of many hundreds of people; especially at an event as complex as this one. We’ll give the caterers a thumbs-up for this Well Being Show.


The impact The Community is having on the rising number of Visitors is nothing short of incredible.

As I listen to my friend Mary who has not attended a show for five years making this comment:

“Ian, I’d all but given up the shows ever returning to their former glory. And I picked up one of your flyers and thought ‘let’s give it a go’. And then I come to the show for an hour, and here I am at five in the afternoon you’d better believe you are on a winner. Even more exciting is this show IS the best I have ever attended in twenty years. This event is just fantastic Ian, the assortment of people, the talks, the organisation, nothing could be better”.

My reply was this:

‘As organisers, we have much more to give The Community Mary. There will be many more ideas and assets for The Community to take advantage during 2019/20’. My friend looks somewhat perplexed after hearing the answer: and then she realised the implication of my words with the comment ‘I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean, but I get the feeling you haven’t even started yet!’

We will continue to offer The Community new opportunities, new shows, types or genre of shows and new venues. The Community can choose to take part in the relevant shows which fit within their skill, product, therapy, presentation, creation. We are organisers of events which will continue to provide a rock solid foundation for The Community to use for their benefit. Our infrastructure is in place and ready to be used to promote a varied and fantastic range of shows. Anyone reading this will know we are innovators and determined to make steady and progressive changes to the organisation of the Well Being Shows.

The Community have given their Visitors a taste of their capabilities during The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Many are beginning to see the potentials available to help them prosper and enjoy the rewards of their investments.

As organisers, we are under no illusion. The Community are the people who make the events a success. As the catalogue of differing shows grows over the next few years, The Community will enjoy the innovation of the platform provided by LizianEvents. As Visitors visit LizianEvents News to read about one show, they will also read about the other shows and events we have to offer. Magic is happening, and the magicians are The Community.

Thank You for you for the investments you make in the future of your shows. Your contributions are material, wisdom, time and pure effort, but be clear within your thoughts: This show will be recognised as a landmark of what occurs when people connect and share with the purpose of becoming a Well Being.

The Well Being Shows are winners – The Community is the reason for the success.

See You Soon

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  1. WELL DONE EVERYBODY! It was worth going 🙂 If you did not, you missed a GRAND SHOW!

    Pls Come along next year… and be pleasantly surprised 🙂
    THANK YOU Liz and Lizian’s hard working organisers’ team-
    Together we are a GrrrrEAT Community! xxx 🙂

  2. Of course I meant: Thank you Liz, IAN and Lizian ‘ hard working organisers’ team. ( My silly computer took on itself to delete words…) xxx

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