Over the next few days, we will consider ideas of physical and mental health. During The Lincolnshire Well Being Show, I interviewed Community members who are focussed on this aspect of Well Being. We begin this week with an interview with Claire Hegarty.

Claire Hegarty talks about her work and mission. An NLP and Hypnosis practitioner she excels at turning people lives around. Claire will always be seen with a beaming smile, and this is very much part of her persona and ‘Being’. Claire is an intelligent and sharp minded person and an inspiration to those who meet and work with her.

As you will discover in the interview: Claire’s drive and forthright attitude help us to identify with the ways to success: Most inspirational thinkers realise one has to live the lessons, not only teach them: Claire follows this notion with one-hundred per cent commitment.

When listening to the interview, we discover Claire is a woman with a mission. A weekly radio show with thousands of loyal listeners. She works alongside numerous clinics and well-being centres: and an extensive client list is evidence of the ability to get results.



On many weekends Claire can be found at shows and events around the country. Everything from serious seminars about physical and mental health; and more light-hearted events where she is talking about traditional folk-law and ancient traditions.

If you have an interest in the issues covered in this interview, you can contact Claire:

☞Contact Claire

Thank You, for listening to the interview and your continued support of the Well Being Community.

See You Soon.

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