Most weeks I have to approve a new listing in the ‘Free Directory’. The last one supported had an unusual title: HeARTLANDS Emotional Literacy Cards.

After approving the listing, I ventured over to the site owned by Lynnette Heart. The visit to the HeARTLANDS site made me decided to contact Lynnette and find out more about the card and her work.

Lynnette provided a concise appraisal of her work. I would guide anyone who is a Spiritual Counsellor or works with emotional aspects of Well Being to look carefully at this unique tools of transformation.

Lynnette’s Reply:

The Heartlands Emotional Literacy cards:

To understand the background of the cards I created, you need to understand me! So a brief history is required!  I started my career late in life after concentrating on bringing up my children during the 80’s & 90’s. I went on to train as a  humanistic counsellor and later worked within in the NHS as an accredited counsellor.

During my earlier years in this role, I became aware that a lot of the interactive therapeutic cards, that can be used with clients, were ‘labelled’, which I found did not work for many clients. This is where my intuitive side/spirit guides, who I was already working with for angel/fairy readings, stepped in and said, ‘you create some cards!’. I must admit I thought they had lost the plot because I am not artistic. However, one of my own self-development issues at this time in my life was to keep things simple, so I thought what if I apply that approach to the cards.

So encouraged my spirit guides, I emotionally touched all my very turbulent past from the last 20 years, (previous to 2005) and drew the emotions in simple symbolic images, and the heartlands Emotional literacy cards were created with no labelling, it is entirely up to the client to express what the images mean to them.

I went onto self-publish my first set of print in 2006, I am now on my 3rd print. For the first 2 years I was so overwhelmed by the impact of the cards and the fantastic feedback I received from counsellors who had worked with clients for ages with hardly any results, then they used my cards and the transformation in the client was amazing. It took me nearly two years and various counselling sessions for me own the impact of the cards!!

Most of my orders now come from recommendations and even when my sales are poor, I know that 1 set that gets purchased can ultimately change many lives. This year I received a nomination and award from SME, (small & medium enterprise) Yorkshire & Humber area for the best interactive therapeutic tool.

Over the past five years my life has changed dramatically due to ongoing family issues, challenging NHS counselling job and unfortunately breast cancer. The treatment, unfortunately, left me with cancer-related chronic fatigue and last year I was given ill health retirement. However, I did not completely give up with life. For years I self-developed my psychic abilities and I did work semi-professional as a psychic when I was training to become a counsellor. I stupidly withdrew from this work to concentrate on my counselling.

After a few years, I realised I had given up too much of myself but this time I got myself a mentor in Jewel Marie from York and developed myself even more. It is only this year that I have managed to relaunch my psychic work again and it is slowly starting to pick u but I still have to balance this with my health. I go under the name of psychic Lynnette ‘netty’ Hart, I offer crystal ball /tarot/angel/fairy/dowsing/psychometry. I also do crystal healing & Reiki. I have a eBay shop Crystal heartlands in which I also sell my emotional literacy cards as well as on Amazon.

More information about how the ‘el’cards. The cards can be used in a simple way by literally asking which 3 cards just out to them when they think/feel a certain emotion, from this the client would explain what each card means to them. From this, the counsellor/support worker can encourage more interaction dependant on their own counselling skills. ( I will attach some ways of working) I think the cards work because they connect to our inner child and the human’s basic communication. Think about how we dream, which can be very cryptic and symbolic, it’s how our brain processes. think about how our ancient ancestors communicated through simple imagery. hence, using these cards helps to connect at a deeper level and ‘unpeel’ the complexity of our trapped emotions.

If you require any more info/clarity please just ask.

Lynnette Heart

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  1. Interestingly simple. Helps people open up and face and share their emotions.
    Worth looking into it 🙂

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