It’s a guilt trip. The suspicions began to seed in my mind some months ago. I’m an avid book reader, at least two titles a week. My dyslexia requires 101% focus on the pages to absorb the story or information. Wander just a second, and the sentence or paragraph is lost. The concentration alarm is seen when letters followed by words begin to dance off the page.

Three weeks or so ago I realised fifteen minutes have passed reading one page. Had my technique changed? I saw my pile of ‘to read’ books had increased. Two downloaded Kindle books were half read. What was happening?

The LizianEvents Facebook page is busy. My WordPress site is active. And the day’s figures here on LEN are encouraging. Darren sent me a message, and I replied. The answer is on the desk. iPhone you are the culprit. How many hours were being wasted? You are a cyborg terror of HoLLoYWooD proportions.

Recently Apple introduced an addition to iPhone software upgrade. And pretty sobering it is too: Its name is ‘Screen Time”. The App records my cyborg activity. It breaks the daily phone use down into sections – Other – Social Networking  – Entertainment – The user, if desired can allow the App to reveal the more delicate points the time used.

The “Screen Time” screenshots tell the story:

Apple also added another App named ‘Downtime’. This is a simple lock which closes the phone down between selected hours. Mine is set to 19:00 to 07:00 hours each day. From my point of view, the App works well, and I soon became used to the silence and no communication. Incidentally, you can still receive calls and texts if desired. However, if solitude is the purpose of activating the gate-keeper which keeps the cyborg corralled: Set it and forget it (if you can).

Those who do not consider the amount of time spent hypnotised by the phone screen should be aware of a simple calculation:

One hour each day ‘screen gazing’ equals 365 hours each year. This is the equivalent of 45 eight hour days. What! No way. Yes! 365 divided by eight equals 45.62. Even worse this calculation is worked out from a low ‘Screen Gazing’ figure.

Extract from an article in the Independent Newspaper 1 Dec 2017:

“According to a survey, the average British user checks their phone 28 times a day. That’s at least once an hour and more than 10000 times a year. Nowadays, everywhere you go, you’ll come across people with their eyes glued to their phones, swiping on Bumble or perusing Twitter for the latest trends.

Research evidence that ‘Screen Gazing’ is an addiction. And one as difficult to break as smoking or alcohol problems. It is possible that you think you are in the clear, and your habit is being controlled. If this is the case, you can skip the Smartphone Compulsion Test. For those who suspect they are a compulsive user: click the link below and take the test:

☞Smartphone Compulsion Test☜

Why are people addicted to ‘Screen Gazing’?

The phone and slot machine have a reward known as Intermittent Reward. You do not win every time. However, the possibility of winning is the reason to play — the gambler hopes for a win. The Gazer hopes for a snippet of information. The rewarding information can be negative or positive or a combination of both. It is all about anticipation and hope and finding a reason for the day.

When you’re locked into the phone, you are in a state of learning called alpha brain pattern. And the information read viewed will ‘lock-in’ to the personal unconscious mind with the speed of light. Facebook is free because your lock into it and the occasional advertisements lock into your mind. Facebook makes millions from companies selling their products. 

The power of the influence is beyond argument. When you worship Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates remember this sobering FACT:

Jobs did not let his children use iPads or iPhones. Gates did not allow his children to have phones until after their fourteenth birthdays. Ask yourself why would this be so? Think about this with care and diligence. Jobs and Gates knew the power of the cyborg. It does not have legs or arms. It possesses the ability to influence. More influence than any parent. Jobs and Gates knew and know the control of the cyborg.

Now I use “Downtime’ and check my daily ‘Screen-Time’ the time wasted ‘Screen Gazing’ is in control. The hours are falling to minutes, and I’m aware of becoming locked into a time-wasting session. My ‘to read’ book pile is falling to a more reasonable seven high. I’m taking my life back.

Although, The Cyborg waits to take my life hours away…

See You Soon

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  1. Sobering thoughts but in this fast paced world the need for embracing the new technologies to promote yourself your business or your ethos is crucial. You are soon forgotten about as it seems to be the next thing is only about a second away. I think that finding balance is key, I waste tons of time on facebook and wonder why my reading list has mounted up, I will take steps to address this as life and time is precious it is like a currency, how do you spend your. Thanks for the article Ian good read.

  2. Your articles are becoming diverse and interestion to a wider audience. This one is a good example of ways to become a Well Being. I have just spent an hour looking through this incredible site. No doubt that over the next year or so the readership and following will incease. Many Thanks for the effort and time taken to produce a fantastic archive – Janine

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