Good Morning – In a week I will be enjoying The Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show. The first show of the year. This little show is close to my heart and soul. We all love the atmosphere and Visitors are welcomed as friends. 

Liz Clark - M.D - LizianEvents
Liz Clark – M.D – LizianEvents

Paradoxically: the smallest show is the hardest work, we look after the catering, and the set up is on Saturday. So the morning of the event is busy and hectic. However, we all love the show, its ‘vibes’, its atmosphere.

From my perspective, there is a view of opening horizons. My mailbox is more active than ever, and it seems new people are showing interest in every show this year. People from all corners of the country are asking questions; For example, enquires have come from people in Edinburgh and Taunton. There is something extraordinary happening: Ian says he can sense and see the movement and progression in the engine rooms of the websites.

Writing about web activity:

Last week I had a shock when our ☞FaceBook Group members fell from 990 to 750. I immediately spoke to Ian about the fall:

“Great news,” he said. Somewhat perplexed I ask ‘Why?”

“There will be major culling of FaceBook Groups over the next few weeks. Some groups have gone from six to one thousand overnight. It is an excellent move by FaceBook. They need to free their servers and rationalise their advertisement focus. The fact is Liz, Facebook is free; they can do what is right for them. I would be happy if our group were around seven hundred active members. What is the use of thousands of non-participating members?”

He forwarded information from FaceBook:

“We want to make sure that people are joining groups that are relevant and meaningful to them. From today (14t January 2019) we’re moving people who have been added to a group but never visited it, into the Invited section of the group’s Members list. In the Member’s list, you can see your group’s updated member count and send a reminder to invited members.”

We believe our ☞ – Facebook Page and Group – Twitter and this site are sufficient to promote our organisation’s activities. However, if you wish to see the information of the ☞FaceBook Group is open to view. If you want to ask friends to join, make sure they look at the posts from time to time. 

Incidentally, we are asked why we choose not to operate a closed group. The answer is two-fold they are of no use for promotion. And people are suspicious of secret or covert clubs. It is the way of our society. 

☞Newark Well Being Show has forty-eight attending Community Members booked, and there are some to confirm. The Lincolnshire Shows are attaining phenomenal interest, and it seems we are near to a winning formula at this show. I am genuinely looking forward to a fantastic year of progress for the organisation.

Thank you for reading this short bulletin. I am looking forward to seeing the attending members of The Community next weekend. Let’s see if we enjoy another increase in Visitors support.

Enjoy your week – See You Soon. 


Liz Clark

Nottingham Well Being Show
26 – 27 January 2019
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road

Nottingham Trowell Map : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Nottingham Trowell Map

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