Liz Clark – Sunday Bulletin – Last week we received an email offering us a database for an event. After checking the integrity of the email, I resisted the temptation to make the purchase. We have no interest in anyone’s database. Ours is specific and accurate for our needs and future progress.

What is interesting is the company had isolated our genre and working area and matched it with another event. They confirmed the listing was live and focussed on our specific business.

When a Visitor writes an email address on one of our contacts forms. They can be one hundred and ten per cent satisfied, their details will be used for one purpose, to contact them from our database. The information provided is never shared. No third party would be allowed to see or inspect our lists.

To Clarify:

Not one letter of our database is placed into the hands of a third party. We do not use a processing or listing business to compile the list, and every legal requirement is fulfilled.

After researching the situation, we discovered there are internet scams where old databases are offered. And other businesses offering lists of random and unverified names and addresses: Many of these businesses accumulate information trawled from information found on websites. I would guide anyone being offered these lists to resist any temptation to purchase.

Visitors and Community Members can be assured the data entrusted to us is SAFE. We will never allow any third party access to our valuable database.

During the last two weeks, we have changed the format of LizianEvents News and LizianEvents dot com site. The changes are a result of analysing our Google Analytic. The pages, not visited or infrequently used have been deleted.

We have also chosen only to list the name of Community Members attending the shows on the show page. We no longer list the email connection to the Community Member. The reason is Google Analytic evidence almost zero traffic to members websites from our pages. If Visitors require more information about a Community Member all they need to do is enter the name into the search box, and the Community Members Information will appear. We also provide an enquiry link for Visitors who wish to make enquires.

On Show Pages Visitors Will Read This Notice:

“If you require more information about an individual Community Member. Click on the magnifying glass search symbol at the top of the page and type in the name. You will be directed to articles which contains information about the attendee”

You can try the search link yourself. It is active and provides a vast amount of information about Community Members and their involvement in the shows. Not just the present data, but everything contributed.

All Community Profiles are being updated and will provide a more in-depth source of information for Visitors. From early May Visitors to LEN will be able to discover information about every Community Member. 

Because of this, there may be certain days when two or even three articles are published during a twenty-four hour period. Information about this will be posted on two articles this coming week. 

How Are This Year’s Shows Shaping Up?

With four months to go before The Lincolnshire Inspirational Well Being Show opens its doors. I can comment we have never seen so much interest in our events. Already seventy-five Community Members are booked for The Lincolnshire Show and with many booking forms to be returned this will be a brilliant Visitors experience. I have NEVER seen such interest or been asked as many questions about the shows.

When the attending Community Members for all shows are listed toward the end of the month. You will be amazed at the support for our format and the future Inspirational Well Being Shows.

Lincolnshire and Nottingham show’s this year will enjoy talk schedules of around sixty talks. And they will be nicely spaced for Visitors and Community to enjoy at ease. The Cedric Ford Pavilion at Newark has less talk capacity although when the show is moved to The Lady Eastwood Pavilion in 2020, the talk schedule will increase to sixty over the weekend. 

Lady Eastwood Centre : LizianEvents : WellBeing LifeStyle Show

Incidentally, The Lady Eastwood Pavilion has the potential for one hundred and eighty stands. With this number of attendees, this show will attract visitors countrywide. And with interest in our Community Driven ethos growing week on week, there is magic happening.

That’s about it for this week. Thanks for being part of this growing Community. You are great people and when I write YOU the reference is to Visitors – Community and Venue Staff.


Liz Clark

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  1. I had a similar email about buying data base details last week as well, I was a little bit concerned that it was spam or something dodgy so I just deleted it. I am looking forward as always to the next show and who knows I might even debut a new waistcoat. Best wishes Rick.

  2. Thank you for the warning… And for your integrity and care in protecting our individual information.
    Really looking forward to our grand Lincoln Inspirational Well being Show! xx

    • Many thanks, Gary, at this stage of our evolution it is important for new Community Members, Speakers and Clients to be fully aware of our dedication to security. The new forms on LEN mean people can submit articles and information directly. Therefore it is important to instil confidence with all who are new to our organisation. Many thanks – Ian

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