During the many years of knowing Iza Moon, there is no recollection of anyone speaking a bad word about this unique lady. When you talk to Iza, there seems to be a sublime connection to peace and spiritual calm.

Her words are wise: she evokes an inner stillness like no other. When asking why she has such a large following of loyal fans: you will not find a single reason. Already mentioned are the aura of peace and spiritual awareness, and then there is her musical ability. Artistic talent and creativity is always a sign of a person’s higher consciousness. When listening to Iza’s music, one’s imagination slips into another word, and this is the evidence of accomplishment as a real creative musician.

Her music is enhanced by the knowledge of a unique and individualistic life: The songstress could almost be considered nomadic, answering to none but herself! Iza has that special connection to nature and animals. And it seems ecology and the protection of the Planet is of paramount importance to her inner-being. The messages of kindness and happiness she conveys in her words can only arise from someone who cares for all aspects of her World.

One only has to listen to her songs to know all you have just read is true. There are mystical and inspirational messages in the musical melodies, words and verses: which opens the imagination to spiritual wisdom and understanding. Each song has a special message and will work on many levels. The lyrics reward one’s emotions, in an almost magical way, the words and tunes balance on a deep emotional level.

For those of you who have not listened to Iza’s beautiful music click the link below. It takes you to her Soundcloud page: Let your journey begin:


You can meet with Iza at many of The Well Being Shows. She will play perform her music and Visitors can also buy her CD’s. Below is information about her workshops, sessions and live performances:


Iza Moon is a Luminary Songstress and Spiritual Guide, using Song, Word and Sound to guide you to the Infinite Wisdom of your Heart Space.

Every one of us, with no exceptions, has the natural ability to experience this blissful state of deep inner peace at the core of our Being. However, so often, the chaos of life and the frantic workings of the mind make it increasingly challenging to access this innate state. During this session, Iza will share her deeply soothing Songs, and Soundscapes weaved with inspirational visualisations and empowering mindfulness techniques to guide you effortlessly to this inner sanctity. Not only will you feel deeply relaxed in the presence of the moment, but you will also have gathered useful, practical tools to support yourself through the challenges of everyday life.

Isa Moon: LizianEvents
Isa Moon: LizianEvents

Live Performance

Gift yourself some precious time out and come to the Live Stage to listen to Iza Moon’s Soulful Music. Iza will be sharing a selection of her Deeply Soothing and Inspirational Songs, which gently transport you to the Innate Peace and Wisdom of your Heart Space.

Iza’a live performances are great opportunities to hear some of the songs from her first two Albums’ Journey’ and ‘Sun Runner. And you can also to listen to some of her latest songs featuring on her new Album ‘Roots of Light’, soon to be released.

See You Soon

Isa Moon: LizianEvents


  1. Yes Iza Moon is rather unique… Once you’ve met her and listened to her music, you realise she helps you step up on to a different vibration… A lovely lady indeed.

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