Review July Lincoln – Part Four – Today we conclude the reviews of The Lincolnshire Inspirational Well Being Show. I have attempted to cover each important aspect of the show. Especially those relevant to the future of the organisation. Readers should consider Liz, and I review every aspect of each show. Constant evolution must be part of the success of The Well Being Connection.

It is essential to be open and clarify important aspects of our work. We intend to map a record of our intentions. In a way, we are setting the scenes for future shows and establishing a record of achievements and failures.

During a short conversation with a Community Member, I was surprised by her opinion of the organisation: “I love the way you do not hide from the importance of financial responsibility. It is refreshing to read information about the money aspect of the shows, and I love the way you talk about helping exhibitors finding ways to make a profit”.

Growing numbers of Visitors and Community Members are beginning to realise Liz, and I desire the organisation to be seen as more than a ‘run of the mill’ business. From the outset, we planned to build a stable and profitable business. One which is seen as financially secure and growing. A company which has the assets to provide excellent promotion and support for anyone who works at the shows.

We share the company’s success with a fair price structure and strengthen its structure with well-defined rules, and an ethos of integrity. Everything is within these parameters, anyone who questions or disagrees with our work can voice their opinion on the replies at the end of every LEN article. With this in mind, the extensive review of The Inspirational Lincolnshire Well Being Show concludes with two final observations.

Table Presentation:

It is fair to say the Community’s table presentation was outstanding. Many people are now taking on board the need to work hard on table presentation. There are three considerations worthy of note: 

It is suggested Members invest in self-promotional material. Business cards and small A6 flyers are not overly expensive, and Visitors do take the information home. There is a reasonable probability of return or new business after the show. Often a Visitor will see an item during the show and decide to buy a few days later. This aftershow business is undoubtedly our experience from years of standing behind the tables. Self-promotion and self-promotional media are essential for long term recognition.  At the Lincolnshire Well Being Show, three thousand A6 flyers were distributed: if one-tenth gain return Visitors to future events they will have paid for the printing costs.

Next: I would suggest anyone with a promotional pitch sits or stands in front of the stall. Seated behind a banner will lose clients. Everyone already knows our feelings about the use of phones during an event. Are you there to cover costs and promote one’s business or to communicate with people outside the event? Incidentally, Visitors see this as poor practice and will not interact with people who don’t engage.


I covered the aspect of the talk schedule earlier in the week. And people still question the wisdom of the high number of talks. Imagine if you are visiting a show, would you find sufficient on the floor to keep you engaged for seven hours? The talks are essential to hold Visitors at the events. Although, if Members produce and engaging and connected display, they will keep people on the exhibition floor. Consider that not every Visitor is interested in every product or service. Therefore table quality, promotional literature and interaction are essential to make the shows a magical Visitor experience.

I spoke to a Community Member on Sunday afternoon who enjoyed his most profitable and busiest show anywhere. “Do you know why it worked for you?” I asked “Yes Ian, almost every client came from using LEN and the LizianEvents Facebook Group. People I did not know: knew about me, what I did and just booked. I am certain the platforms work, and people are crazy not to use them, they work Ian.”

You see Visitors do look at our media sites and read about The Community and it’s offering. But, be sure in your mind: Visitors do not come to the shows as a ‘spur of the moment decision’ they plan their visit. This observation is precise, and if they plan their visit, they will be planning who they wish to see and what they want to buy ahead in time. When we designed the plan for our organisation, a priority was the connective streams. These are indeed beginning to have a visible effect on the success of those who use them. If you wish to see an increase in footfall and success of your Well Being Shows remember the power to promote is using the media streams.


Liz and I relish every minute of creating the Well Being Connection. The Well Being Connection is about the prosperity and success of The Community. Of course, LizianEvents Ltd will enjoy future prosperity, but remember, we work for the company and nurture it for reinvestment and growth. This is why (for the time being) we do not take a wage from the company. We intend to continue with relentless determination to increase the awareness of the Community’s work and businesses. We feel there is some evidence to suggest the architecture of the Well Being Connection is working. There is an immense amount of work ahead, and we rise to the challenge.

As more Community Members begin to realise the potential of using their media streams (LizianEvents News – LizianEvents Facebook Group), Visitor awareness will increase. All you have to do is share the posts and articles to your pages. The information will seep through to a more significant number of potential Visitors. Enjoy being part of the evolution and prosper from taking part.

See You Soon

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