Review Lincoln July 2019 – Answers to Questions – Part Three – Liz and I feel transparency is essential to the long-term success of The Community-driven aspect of The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Remember, Visitors talk to Community Members about the shows and sometimes, sometimes inaccurate information is given. Therefore, we embellish clarity, so  Chinese whispers cannot manifest.

Electricity connection charges:

It was suggested we should dilute the electricity charges across the whole of the table fees rather than make separate invoices near to the show. The venue levies the connection charges: We are charged twenty pounds plus VAT for every connection. Members are charged twenty-pounds and we stand the VAT. There is nothing we can do about this other than charge twenty pounds to everyone who requires power. And once the hookup is ordered the electricity point is connected, we are charged for the connection, so if ordered the connection has to be paid for, so in fairness, if power is needed, Members will have to pay for the hookup at Lincoln.

Epic Centre Lighting:

One area of the venue had blown overhead lighting; it was impossible to make the repairs during the show. In an attempt to find a solution, I drove into Lincoln and purchased additional LED lighting. While not a perfect answer, there was nothing more I could do. One Community Member complained the light was poor behind their stand. The answer is if the choice is to put banners in front of the windows, lighting will be reduced, so I could not find a solution to that one! Sensors control the lighting in the Epic centre, and the artificial ‘fill in light’ changes as the ambient lighting shifts. Remember, if there is a need for extra illumination, one has to bring additional lighting.

Talk Room AV:

The talk rooms had AV systems recently updated. We could not be sure they were commissioned for the show. Therefore Members were not informed this facility would be available. In any event, the AV was used by some Members although they had the correct HDMI connectors for their laptops. In a passing comment: My Macbook bag contains AV connectors in its pockets. I have never spoken at a conference to find the venue has suitable or sufficient HDMI cables (if any). Carrying a connecting cable is not expensive my two metre cable cost four pounds.


Richard asked if we had considered sponsoring a charity. We reviewed this idea six years ago and in 2017. Our feeling is, we could not fairly administer the charity choice. We have a well defined financial structure which does not include charity contribution. On a personal note: Liz and I make one substantial contribution to the RNLI each year. The RNLI is and always will be our chosen charity. We hope this prevents further speculation.

Vegan and Vegetarian Food:

We do not have Community Member stalls selling food. In truth, the hygiene aspect of having food vendors on the floor of an event is questionable. Having been involved in professional catering, I find it difficult to resolve how food vending would work on the event floor area. So we leave food supplies to the venue’s catering facility. There would be no problem with a Community Member who specialised in pre-packed products. Indeed, Mark will be retailing his honey during the 2020 Well Being Shows. Liz and I have a definite opinion about the perception of The Well Being Shows. There are fantastic specialist Vegan, and Vegetarian shows country-wide. And of course, our Vegan and Vegetarian friends are welcome to use the tables in the dining areas to eat their specialist requirements. And if the weather is beautiful: Lincoln: Newstead and Newark all have over 300 acres of land for picnics.

Face Painting and Henna:

The children’s activity area was well supported. We did not provide henna or face-painting because the Community Member chosen for this asset was not available this weekend. She is fully qualified, and CRB checked. Her reputation and ability fit well within our ethos. So we will book her at future events, and as the children’s activity area worked so well, we’ll make improvements to the facility as the shows progress. Liz an I always welcome suggestions and questions, and one was: “Why no treasure hunt?” the accurate answer is we focus on the activity area. There has to be a ‘cut off’ point, and for us, the dedicated space is preferred to children wandering around the show floor.

Tomorrow’s article is the last one concerned with The July 2019 Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Liz will contribute with her Sunday Thoughts. There will be a final ‘personal’ comment on Monday, which will cause some ‘ripples’ – However, it is a serious reply to extract two thorns!

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