Sunday Thought’s – It seems seven minutes, not seven days since the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. I cannot add to the substantial reviews of this week. And you will know of my immense gratitude to all involved in the show.

We have four weeks to the Community’s first Newstead Abbey Show. All promotional stops are pulled, and the organ is sounding out to Visitors. I’m under no illusion. The Newstead Well Being Show requires plenty of nurturing; there is a long way between the first show and meeting the highest possible Visitor attendance.

The Community list for Newstead is already out in the social media streams. Ian will hit LEN, Twitter and Instagram with extensive promotions in the weeks ahead. All involved have a good feeling about the venue. Its history is a draw for Visitors, as are the grounds and facilities. Yes, there are limitations, but we have reflected this in stand fees. The enthusiasm for this venue is exceptional.

What is needed now is a real push by Community Members to heighten Visitor awareness of this show. Do not think a Lincoln success is sufficient to bring people to the door. We have to share and share again. The more everyone promotes, the better the probability of everyone’s success.

Ian and I had a long conversation this week about the growing Community situation. I could add another thirty Community Members to the Newstead list. And when the Newark list is published this week, you’ll see it is at capacity two months ahead in time. Again I could add thirty or more to the Attending list for Newark. The bookings for November’s Lincolnshire Well Being show puts the attending Community at sixty and with nearly four months to this show Visitors will enjoy a spectacular show.

All of us are anticipating growth in 2020 Community numbers. For example, interest in the one-hundred and thirty Community show at The Lady Eastwood Centre in 2020 is fantastic. This show is the foundation for the 2022 Festival of Well Being, an event that will be an accurate representation of a festival. I’m already being asked for booking forms for The Festival, so headways are being made in many directions.

This booking situation brings me to a long conversation with Ian about the growing Community. As you know we use a first come first booked system. And some Community Members are very enthusiastic when it comes to booking confirmation. There is NO deviation from the system, early booked will stand. But, my administration system means a wait before approval. Patience is needed although there will be changes for 2020 when the booking reply will be one month after the dates are announced. For 2021 the booking system changes: we will prioritise Community Members who share and promote the Well Being Shows. It seems fair to make obvious sharing an aspect of the booking process. And I welcome input and ideas from Community Members in this area.

Why are more people joining the Community?

Remember, our prices are fair, we offer unrivalled promotion of the Well Being Connection. We are the ONLY Community-driven organisation in this country. The 24hour a day 365 days each year connection and transparency with the financial aspects of the organisation reenforce the foundational ethos. We work to build awareness of the Community’s work and connect as many people as possible. Is this why so many people are joining the Community?

Transparency is key to building durable and long term relationships with everybody. And many find the openness reason to support the Well Being Shows. Are people joining the Community and more Visitors attending the shows because of the ethos? Or is the acknowledgement of the respect given for contributions to the organisation? Is the growth in Community Members due to the increase of Visitor Attendance and the expansive range of Community talents?

My answer is, all of these factors are part of the growth: 

But, from my perspective, the most active ingredient is the unification of purpose and understanding what we are working towards. There is a real sense of purpose: The purpose to help Visitors discover ways to happiness and become Well Beings. Well done Community.

See You Soon

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

☞The Newstead Abbey Show Guide☜

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  1. I think that assisting those exhibitors who help to promote the shows makes sense.

    The “waiting list” of exhibitors for future shows is a testament to your hard work.

    At all MBS/ Well Being events the holy grail continues to be the triumvirate of maximum visitor numbers, staying the maximum amount of time, spending the maximum amount of money.

    As has been well documented here, and elsewhere, MBS events, and festival events generally, continue to evolve and mutate. Some of the questions being asked are thorny.

    Sharing on social media works, we should pursue that. Equally it has limitations. There comes a point when you are promoting to each other, the “mutual friends” numbers on the big exhibitors on facebook give you an indication of that. Thinking of ways to break out to reach new audiences is vital. We cannot simply talk to each other.

    Look at how racecourses now routinely have big name pop acts in the evenings in the summer, the racecourses get music fans that might not attend races, the music acts get race goers who might not normally have seen them live, or heard them at all. They too have the holy grail triumvirate in mind.

    My next observation is controversial. Some shows are building up waiting lists of exhibitors. Would more people come if the following show boasted a totally new roster of exhibitors? Might exhibitors do more business if they restricted their appearances?

    What is certain is that Lizian are giving it a go, and LEN provides an invaluable forum to chew the community cud, and share ideas. Thank you.

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