Newstead Well Being Show – The date is 31st August and 1st September – There is no surprise there is an excellent excitement about this show. Over this weekend, Community Members become custodians of a magnificent and historic building. The speed in taking up available stands is testament and recognition of the potential of the show. The Community list is thirty-eight: However: Liz has re-assessed the venue, and it not possible to add additional Community Members to the Well Being Show.

Although the venue is superb, it is not without its restrictions. Being grade one listed, no food or drink is allowed in the building and electricity hook-up is limited. All involved feel the slight limitations are more than compensated by the vibes and historic atmosphere Newstead provides.

Attending talks will means a walk out of the exhibition areas and staircase to negotiate. Again the age and design of the building imply flexibility is required. However, Both Lincoln and Newark venues also have stairs to the talk-rooms, so do not be put off by the arrangement. In the two talk rooms twenty-four brilliant talks will  be enjpyed over the weekend. Plus we have Claudine West and Iza Moon performing their unique and beautiful music and workshops.

Visitors are reminded the car park charge is six-pounds. The fee is for each car: there is NO charge for the driver or passengers. Entry to the Newstead Well Being Show is FREE therefore the show offers fantastic value.

Newstead’s cafe provides high-quality food and drinks. The facilities are, of course of the highest order. While on the subject of food and eating, those of you with special dietary requirements can bring a picnic and eat anywhere in the 300-acre estate.

Visitors can enjoy a concessionary priced tour of the house while at the show. You will discover exciting facts about the building and Lord Byron. Anyone with interest in this literary giant will love the Well Being Show and historical aspects of the site, construction and estate.

We are sure Visitors recognise the show is holistic and will attend to experience many: and varied aspects of the Community based Well Being Show. The attractions include therapists, healers and spiritual counsellors: many retail options. For examples art, fair trade goods, crystals and books And as mentioned Visitors can listen to fascinating talks and presentations. When it is time to take a break, sit in the grounds to relax before enjoying another hour or so in the exhibition/show areas. This exercise can be repeated throughout the day: and we think this is why this show will become a memorable day of wellbeing.

The Newstead Abbey Well Being Show is new to the calendar. And there is every probability it will become recognised as a magical event. Many already see the potential and have shown interest in future shows at this historic venue. In the early stages of any promotion, we need your assistance. You help when sharing the information about the event with friends and family. Although we have enjoyed increasing success at this year’s Inspirational Well Being Shows, there must be no let-up in making people aware of the Community’s work.

Community Members are grateful to all who share information about the shows. Shares on social media streams are immensely beneficial to their success. Share links are both top and bottom of every article on LizianEvents News. Remember, the organisation (LizianEvents Ltd) has already covered all costs and overheads before each event: Therefore, a share is directly helping the Community’s success.

The Community-driven shows are gaining recognition as being enjoyable and entertaining. The unique reputation and identity is a result of the Community’s hard work and dedication. As Community attendance grows, so does Visitor numbers and the events become more interesting for all involved. This circle of success means all who take part are part of the success. The shows are holistic; every facet of the event becomes ‘whole’ when the doors open. Continuous evolution, sharing and involvement between shows means Community and Visitors know the events are ‘their’ events.

Visitors feel the unique atmosphere when attending The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Visitors and Community acknowledge the meticulous attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere. The Newstead Abbey Well Being Show has immense potential. There is every reason to accept the event can grow into another ‘must-attend’ calendar date.

Visitors can be sure The Community will provide them with a super day or weekend of Well Being pleasure. And we look forward to seeing you at Newstead Abbey.

See You Soon

The Entry To The Show is Free
Carparking is Six Pounds Per Car

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