In this article you will find information about the Community Members attending this New Well Being Show. Newstead is just perfect for a small an intimate event which replaces the much loved and amazing Nottingham Trowell.

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Jeaniel Theapies
Jean and Neil are experienced and highly qualified therapists: Here is information from their website: As an experienced Holistic Therapist I provide treatments that can help combat these symptoms and love it when people leave the sessions feeling better. Skilled in Customer Service, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy.

JS Natural Therapies
Jacqueline is an experienced and highly trained healer and therapist. Her work not only involves therapy Jacqueline enjoys teaching and training. During this weekend Visitors can experience Reflexology and Reiki, and if you want to know about The Balance Procedure, Jacqueline will have the answers to your questions.

McMillan Information Services
Wonderful to have McMillan at the show. You will be able to meet with their representative, who will guide you to the incredible work. The tireless work and kindness give to those who are on their final journey is amazing. be certain to spend some time at their stall.

What can we say about Mel and Pat? They stock the most extensive array of silver jewellery imaginable. The quality of silver settings of the gemstones and crystals cannot be questioned. Everything from a five-pound token to hundred-pound statement piece. Mel and Pat will advise on the right stone or crystal for your needs. We are always grateful Mel and Pat travel so far to the smallest of our shows to benefit the Visitors. Try and catch them without a smile on their faces!

Moonlit Pathways Books
Annie always brings a varied and up to date range of books to The Well Being Shows. Annie has complete knowledge of her stock carrying the latest and most popular titles for her customers. Not only does Annie stock book titles, But Visitors will also discover a super collection of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. And finally! There is always a shelf where incredible bargains can be purchased.

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