After releasing the Newstead Abbey talk schedule this week, I received a strange call from a Community Member.

‘I’m not sure if I need my talk recording, Liz.’
‘Why not?’
‘Because once it is recorded, I cannot use it anywhere else.’

I’m unsure where this idea came from, this is my reply:

“Unless you have the expertise of a professional lecturer, your talk will never be the exactly the same. Each time it is presented, it will be different. You would have to write the script. Record it, and review the talk many times for the presentation to be ‘the same’ every time. You would also need exemplary presentation skills. Only stage training will give you the ability to provide a uniform, repeatable and polished talk. Unless you do this, your speech will never be the same as the last one.”


“At best you will have fifty people listening to the talk. Count the numbers in front of you, fifty people seem like a hundred! Many in the audience will miss essential aspects of the whole presentation and therefore, will be happy to re-listen to the information. During the talk, you’ll be asked questions, and these will change the mood and feeling of the speech. In certainty, you may say something relevant late in the talk which sparks further interest in your work. And lack of concentration means the listener may wish to review the earlier parts of the speech again. Never miss the opportunity to gain new followers.

During our shows, there are many talks, and some Visitors will not be able to attend your lecture. Therefore a well-prepared talk will be useful for subsequent shows: a recorded talk will whet the listener’s appetite for a presenters work.”

We believe recording a talk demonstrates the presenter’s integrity and long term dedication to their work. If you are concerned people will become bored with your work consider the following observation:

You listen to a song on the radio: it lasts for three minutes. It sits in your mind, and you hear it again and again, its message is impressive, the song stays with you forever. You choose to buy the album and listen to all the artist’s tracks. So much do you love the songs; you become compelled to attend the singer’s concerts. After a few years, you have a collection of albums and have attended many of the talents shows. And even though you have listened to the first three-minute song hundreds of times, you will never bore of its message. Be sure in mind a well-presented talk will have the same effect.

Recorded talks and workshops are superb promotional conduits: and if your talk develops the following year. (Something we encourage): visitors will have a reference point of your work from earlier recorded talks. And in time you gain a good following because of the recorded talks. In certainty, some people attend the shows because they have listened to recordings offered on our iTunes platform. To believe recorded discussions are not to Community Members advantage is at best short-sighted.

Remember: one of the objectives of the Well Being Shows is to connect Community to Visitors between shows. And there should be doubt: The Community are gaining ground in this area. As organisers, we do not underestimate the task ahead. But, there is an immense following in our published media, and this is reflected in the interest in The Inspirational Well Being Shows. Everything we do is focussed on Visitors greater awareness of The Community and The Well Being Shows. And one should consider the recording of talks and workshops is a traditional and established way of self-promotion if you doubt this, you should look at the diversity of podcasts on iTunes. You should also look at the popularity of Ted and Tedx talks and recordings”

A word about the iTunes platform and LEN:

During a conversation this week with an established psychologist said to Ian:

“Your daily newsletter is becoming an astounding Well Being Resource. Once you have more unique and individual contributions, there is no doubting the extended coverage you will achieve. The Well Being Shows and the people who work in the shows will gain from this resource. I will be contributing to your newsletter. I see it becoming a major and worldwide wellbeing and alternative health amenity.”

The Community is building is a unique calendar of Well Being Events. The Community are connected (daily) to hundred of people. For example, Tuesdays article reached over three hundred people (the screenshot of the statistics was taken at lunchtime), and the reader numbers are growing. LizianEvents News and iTunes platform are conduits which are being read and listened to by many people. When a Community member takes advantage of these assets, they WILL gain greater Visitor awareness.

Ian spoke to a Community member at The Lincoln Inspirational Well Being Show. The Member is satisfied the majority of his clients worked with over the weekend came from our media platforms. Below are the SIX live links:

LizianEvents News
LizianEvents iTunes Platform
LizianEvents Facebook page
LizianEvents Facebook Group
LizianEvents Instagram
LizianEvents Twitter

Another of the foundational objectives is for Community Members to meet or exceed their overheads at their shows. Use the promotional platforms to your advantage and thrive. The cynical will comment “The interaction will also advantage LizianEvents Ltd”. Of course, they are correct. But remember, the organisation thrives before each event. Overheads are covered, and profits are reinvested into the future of the business. There is no shame in a business thriving. This material aspect is a reciprocal arrangement. We cannot fulfil plans and objectives unless The Community benefit from the ‘between shows’ work. If the organisation is not financially healthy, we cannot support the Community in the ways we promise.

This consistency and openness evidence our integrity. Everything we say we will test; is tested. Yes, some ideas do not work, and some take time to grow. But constant evolution is part of the enjoyment of nurturing the Well Being Shows. If something does not work, we say so: for example, the separation of spiritual and body at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show did not work. We changed the layout, and The Community gained praise for their immense contribution to the success of the event. I feel by demonstrating that we listen to concerns and act upon the issues presented evidence our ability to work with and for the Community. The focus of attention is The Community, not the limited liability company for which Ian and I work.

The Newstead Abbey Well Being Show is a perfect example of evolution. The Community are putting on a unique event. In truth, the venue presents many hurdles for them. No food and drink in the building, few power points, smokers can only enjoy their habit in their cars! However, all will rise to the challenge, and the Visitors will feel this unification of purpose.

The Community and Visitors see for the first time an event where the venue is part of The Well Being Show. We have used the history of Newstead Abbey and Byron’s association with the building as an added attraction for Visitors. Racheal has extended great trust in The Community and the organisation in allowing us to use one of the Nation’s most magnificent treasures for this series of events. I’m sure we will prove her trust to be well-founded. This time next week we will know how the show has faired. Ian and I know there will be many lessons learned over the weekend. Be sure we will address any difficulties which arise in the evolution of this show.

A final comment:

We are about to announce our new genre of shows. I know we promised to do so earlier in the year. However, the need to confirm the venue and dates is the final part of the plan. Ian and I are very excited to add this new show to our portfolio. While it is different from The Well Being Shows, the ethos and objectives for those who become part of the new event (three each year) stay the same.

LEN is designed to integrate the new event:

In the long term, this platform will enjoy a great diversity of readers: and this means people will see events other than their central focus. Although, it is feasible some of the original members will enter into the whole concept with decisive enthusiasm and promote shows in which they are not involved. As often stated, Ian and I have no intention of working outside of our chosen Venues. And rather than attempt to expand the number of Well Being Shows, we prefer to promote venues which can cope with a more significant amount of Visitors, therefore, promotion and awareness take priority over event numbers. We would rather have six sparkling Well Being Shows than two good shows and ten duds! There are exciting times ahead and expansion is by way of different genres of events, not a saturation of one style of show.

The new genre suggest to many in the long-term the organisation will grow: and they will be right. During 2020 we will be making more substantial investments in equipment, particularly the areas of sound and video production. The equipment will help with stepping up the Visitor awareness of The Well Being Shows: The new genre: The Community: And the objectives of the organisation. We have a long journey ahead of us: There will be issues to overcome and of course Community triumphs. One certainty is this: we will not be standing still or slowing down in our relentless pursuit of success for all who are within this fantastic Community.

See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. A good essay. With a solid argument for recording talks. Anyone who thinks they can produce 100% perfect talks is living in a dream. The ability to do this comes from years of work and lecturing. Liz is right, people will listen to the same message time and again. In fact disciples follow thier master, listening to the same ideas for years. A great problem for the presenter is the ability to write new talks and make them interesting. Therefore a well presented and often used talk is better than a weak one. Enjoyed this clear and rational thought on talks. If the new style show progresses as well as the wellbeing events, you will enjoy more success. Janine

  2. I believe the recorded talks to be an excellent facility.

    Your arguments in favour are persuasive.

    I would like to add this. Many speakers speak solo, with no independent assessment of how it went. Invariably, I support Jane Osborne when she delivers her talks. The very first thing we do after the presentation has finished is for me to provide feedback, and for us to examine ways in which we can improve.

    A recording enables everyone to listen back to themselves. How it sounds to you as you are delivering a presentation, and how it sounds back, can be quite different. Were all the key points delivered? Was too much, or too little, time spent on some sections? Did it sound interesting, engaging? What could come out? What could go in? What were the objectives of the talk? Were they met?

    Every presentation should have a standard framework. Yet how that is filled in SHOULD vary from day to day. Some audiences will demonstrably be more interested in some sections, and that will vary, talks need to be able to respond that interest. How many people there are, the time of day, the temperature, audience profile,and the physicality of the room itself will also impact on the presentation.

    The best presentations are a fine balance between the knowledge of the presenter, and the interest of the audience. It should be a conversation.

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