Newstead Family Well Being Show – The Well Being Show is a family show. Your weekend at Newstead Abbey should be considered a whole family show. The grounds are spectacular, and children can enjoy the space and safety of the estate. If the weather is good, why not consider a picnic? Spend some time with The Community, listening to talks and music performances and chill in the grounds and gardens.

The catering facilities are superb: Visitors can have a coffee in the court-yard or a full meal inside the restaurant. From a cake to a hot dish, there is something for every diner. The prices are fair, and the cafe/restaurant is immaculate: as are all facilities at this World-class venue.

Make a whole weekend of the Well Being Show – The Community will be inspiring to all who seek ways to wellbeing:

Photographers can discover tens of photo opportunities and get to photograph architectural perspectives and historical artefacts. There are ample photo opportunities for portraiture and family groups at a fantastic venue.

Of course, the main attractions are what the Community has to offer over the weekend. Visitors can enjoy time with one (or more!) of the four Spiritual Counsellors attending the show. All of us love a massage (or two) and to complete your relaxation, try a session of alternative therapy. Opportunities offered by Community retailers are great. Visitors will find goods not usually provided in the high street. All are fairly traded and specially selected by the Community Members: many travelling the World to source the most excellent products, to be sold at the fairest prices.

Visitors who like silver jewellery and crystals can view and extensive and varied range. There are an unusual collection of individual items, for example: ‘orgonite’ and shungite both having impressive and established harmonising attributes.

If esoteric books are on the list, Annie will have an excellent selection available. And art is your scene: The Well Being show is enhanced by the work of the nationally recognised Mark Duffin. Mark’s work is collected by art collectors worldwide. It is beautiful and unique and will become a talking point in any home.

The talk, presentation and performances schedule is covered in earlier articles. Visitors will see the many reasons for enjoying the first Newstead Well Being Show. And all Visitors will make contributions to the success of the event. The organisers will be listening to comments and suggestions from Visitors, and subsequent shows will reflect their viewpoints and requirements. So do not be surprised if you are asked to be part of an audio interview.

Always Smiles During The Community Shows 🙂

This first show can indeed be seen as a family event. The uniqueness of the venue, its history and heritage will be complemented by The Inspirational Well Being Show.

Enjoy and be part of the first Inspirational Well Being Show at Newstead Abbey.

See You There and DON’T forget to SHARE 🙂

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