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Where is Newstead Abbey?

Answers to questions from Visitors:

“Are dogs allowed?”
“Yes, in the grounds – but not in the house”

“Can I smoke at Newstead?”
“Newstead is a NO smoking venue. There can be NO chances taken with fire. This rule includes the grounds. Smokers can smoke in their cars. This rule is firmly enforced by Newstead staff.”

“Can I eat in the building?”
“You can eat in the grounds and restaurant. The building is Grade One listed and its fabric and construction must be 101% respected. There can be NO food or drink taken or consumed within the building.”

“Where are the talk rooms?”
“The talk rooms are on the first floor, access is near the cafe a two-minute walk from the exhibition area entrance: The two rooms are the only available rooms suitable for the purpose. We apologise for the inconvenience to Visitors who are unable to negotiate the stairs.”

Please remember the limitations are due to the age and importance of this historic building. LizianEvents Ltd prefers to answer questions before the show. We must respect the venue rules. Any further questions please use the contact form below:

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