Visitors will can participate in an invigorating two hour (free) workshop on Sunday afternoon. You will love being with Rose as she teaches you the basics of Belly Dancing. Rose presented this workshop at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show earlier in the year and due to the interest and demand Rose has agreed to present an extended introduction to this brilliant way to become fit and healthy:

Sunday – Room Six – 2pm: Rose Best – Earth Magic & Belly Dance Teacher
Belly Dance Workshop – Inner Goddess Egyptian Dance (2 hours)

Enjoy the fun and freedom of ancient Egyptian Dance, there are no boundaries, all ages, shapes and sizes can experience the basics and expressions of this dance form.

The session will include a short demonstration, basic dance moves and audience participation learning how to enjoy the dance for positive mental and physical wellbeing.
Scientifically, Egyptian Dance has been proven to have medicinal benefits: – improving posture, flexibility and core strengthening, especially when we get older. Dance has an amazingly positive impact on mental health, it improves breathing control which brings with it a stillness of mind and aids mediation. Belly Dance has its own “community” which gives a sense of belonging, being part of a growing community who all have the same goal, to laugh and love your own skin, body positivity is a key part of the belly dance philosophy. We are all beautiful. Just imagine how much confidence this will give you, the freedom to dance with like-minded people. Join Rose for this fun dance workshop.


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