The Newark MBS Spiritual Counsellors/Readers: The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show is the pilot to The Pure Spirit Shows being organised with Barrie John: Pure Spirit Events are a meeting of minds. We are happy with the identity and Community balance of this Mind Body and Spirit Show which will be mirrored in the 2020 Pure Spirit Shows. Barrie is delighted with the status, and so are The Community Members!

One of the reasons we have chosen to promote this event extensively with the focus on the genre is to increase Visitor awareness of the show. It is not a justification: some have commented the show is a rebranded Well Being Show. Far from it: attending Community Members see this as an MBS event and accept it will evolve into a superb and gold standard Pure Spirit Event. 

Spiritual Counsellors are very much part of an MBS Show. But it would be foolhardy to fill the venue with any more than twenty-two per cent of readers in the show list. Incidentally, the demand for reader tables is incredible: the existing waiting list on the top of Community who already attend is over thirty-five! So there would be no difficulty in increasing the percentage. Pure Spirit Events will follow the limitation of reader/counsellor spaces, and we have formulated reader/counsellor protocol which will be announced early in December.

The Newark MBS Spiritual Counsellors/Readers:

There are thirteen readers at The Show. During this event, a Visitor can enjoy a variety of readings. Mediumistic, psychic, colour mirrors, Tarot, Ogham Celtic, Aura photography, numerology, colour reading and past life readings. There may be thirteen spiritual counsellors/readers but there are at least twelve different genres of readings available. Of course, the counsellor/readers are flexible and their ability will overlap, but the point is Visitors have a great choice of methodology available.

And this is GOOD news for lovers of this ever-popular facet of the MBS genre. Experience proves Visitors have no problem enjoying more than one type of reading: they may wish to compare a different aspect of the same issue: or the focus of attention could be a personality profile, spiritual counselling or mediumistic/psychic connection. So the eclectic mix is perfect for the show’s Visitors.

Attending Reader/Counsellor List:

Angela Barker – Tarot Reading
Aura Fusion – Aura Imaging and Report
Barrie John Medium – Psychic and Mediumship
Elisa Grey – Celtic Ogham and Tarot
Heather Wood – Medium- Spiritual – Ribbon – Oracle and Tarot
Lynzi – Tarot Reading
Mystic Christine – Spiritual reader working with Tarot and Spirit Guides
Pam Shield – Tarot – Reader and Spiritual Counsellor
Pat Pitt – Colour Readings and Tarot
John Richardson – Past Life and Mediumistic
Rick Paul – Spiritual Counsellor, Medium and Healer
Secrets of Awen – Numerology Readings and Tarot
Susan Jones Therapies – Colour Mirror System

Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show
30 November + 1 December 2019
Cedric Ford Pavilion

Newark Show Ground

60 Attending Community Members
24 Talks
Outdoor Presentations

This is a dedicated Mind Body and Spirit Show: Next year’s Pure Spirit Events are sure to be a calendar date for mind body and spirit fans. The event is all about the traditional aspects of this much-loved genre of shows. Visitors will enjoy, mediums, psychics and spiritual healing. There will be talks and presentations focussed on everything esoteric. The line-up of Community Members is the very best and well known in MBS arena. This show will be jam-packed with magical moments and spiritual ideas.

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  1. At this real ‘SPIRIT SHOW’ ,check here the list of Newark MBS Spiritual Counsellors/ Readers this weekend 🙂 Lucky Visitors!
    If you want some help with your Earthly life, you NEED to grasp that you ARE a being of electro-magnetic ENERGY= a ‘Spirit’, & YOUR thinking & attitudes greatly affect your body & your life. Also grasp that your DEPARTED loved ones SURVIVE 🙂 since Energy cannot be destroyed! It’s constantly proved by astounding ‘mediumship messages’ that they recall their feelings for you, memories & personality,& they are aware of what goes on in your life.( I can explain more at my stand & my Talk on Sunday 1pm. I am Brigitte Rix ‘The Afterlife French Lady’ 🙂

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