A week to go and the doors will be open at the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. There can be no question this show is focused on the MBS genre. The three words are well represented. I was asked about the idea of an MBS Show on many occasions, so this show was born. As we are working with Barrie in 2020 on the Pure Spirit Shows, I see this show as a pilot for our collaboration with Barrie. A few people asked how do we define MBS and separate it from Well Being Shows: Well, the answer is open to interpretation, so, my answer has been fixed ‘If you see the show as MBS then book!’ – And of course many people have done so, I indicated to many people the show would not be within their genre. I have asked ten of The Community if they feel the show is balanced and fair, and all conclude the show is a Mind Body and Spirit event.

It has a right balance of readers of differing genres, which Ian will be writing about tomorrow and I will not impinge on the article. I’m sure you’ll be interested in his perspective, and I remind you he was a very successful reader for over fifteen years. The report is eye-opening and relevant to this upcoming show.

The list of therapists and healers is also an excellent blend of Holistic and alternative therapies. Allow me to remind you of the difference. (holistic – characterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a dis-ease) – (alternative – a range of therapies that are not regarded as orthodox by the medical profession, such as herbalism, naturopathy, and crystal healing).

We have four information and retail stands selling supplements and wellbeing health products. These stands complement the body aspect of the show and blend well with the therapists and healers.

Writing of body and mind, we should consider the retail aspect of the show. I believe gifts, crystals, clothing, incense, home decoration and esoteric art, blend to bring great pleasure to the inner being. As a woman, I write beautiful jewellery, different clothing, fragrance and adornments are very much part of esoteric and spiritual identity. The giving of gifts has a magical effect on the receiver, giving unique presents demonstrates thought, kindness, love, which is, of course, part of the understanding of spiritual values. During the show, Visitors can buy unique gifts which often cannot be found on the high-street. Yes, you can find them on-line; however, actually looking at and talking to the vendor cannot be beaten. The attending retail Community Members fit in perfectly with the Mind and Body aspect of the show.

As for the spiritual aspect of the show: Well, there are mediations to be enjoyed, authentic smudging ceremonies. Mediumistic demonstrations talks on spiritual enlightenment. The majority of the talk schedule is dedicated to the spiritual aspects of our lives. All meditations have a spiritual dynamic which MBS Visitors will love.

Does the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show live up to its name? No doubt in mine and many other people’s mind’s body’s and spirit’s!

My Second Thought:

Over the last four weeks, the demand for stand space at The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show has been phenomenal. So, many present and future Community Members have been disappointed. But, this demand is across the board. Many of the 2020 shows are heavily booked, and there is interest from many new potential Community Members. The July ‘Creativity Connected Show’ has already taken bookings, needless to say, Ian is excited about the prospects of this truly unique and ground-breaking show. But why add another show? We have always been clear in our longterm objectives. We intend to organise an active group of Community-Driven and connected shows. In 2020 we will organise ten superb events: Seven Well Being – Two Pure Spirit and The Creativity Connected Show. In 2021 there will be fourteen/fifteen events announced, depending on venue confirmation. And because there are three different shows in the portfolio the whole organisation becomes stronger.

The focal point or hub of the LizianEvents lens is LEN. And there is nothing like the daily LizianEvents Daily News in the World. How beautiful is this statement? LEN is the connection between Visitors and the events, and most prospective Community Members come through LEN. And I ask you to consider the idea that many Visitors attend the shows after reading LEN and our active and established social media streams.

I can write that the connected aspect of the shows is of great attraction to new Community Members and Visitors. There is a statement listened to every week: it is: ‘I want to become part of this Community’. People are looking at the dot com site and LEN, and they see the image of the shows. Yes, there is a long way to go: there are many changes and evolutions ahead, but magic is happening. Community members are making sales from their promotions on LizianEvents Facebook Group. Community Members are reporting of transactions and connections from LEN’s directory listing. Others are being referenced from Visitors listening to the iTunes recordings. And we already have four Community Members booked to become guests on the weekly LizianEvents podcast which begins in January. Daily readership of LEN is climbing one post had seven-hundred reads in A DAY!

There is a great deal to look forward to in 2020. If Community Members harness the conduits available, there is NO limit to the future of the shows. The Well Being Shows are becoming established. Creativity Connected is receiving un-warranted interest, and Pure Spirit will take over the Mind Body and Spirit Show genre. The platforms of visibility are LEN, the dot com site, LizianEvents Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram. As we watch the clicks, likes and shares grow, we know there are Visitors and Community and Potential Community Members behind the statistics. The clicks, shares and likes are growing, and it is almost as if the organisation is alive and breathing. The growth is down to the people who ‘Want to be and already are part of this powerful and influential Community’. 

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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  1. As Liz explained: There are no MBS & Well Being SHOWS better connected to their Visitors & Exhibitors! Why? … See for yourself 🙂 That is why I and over a hundred other Community members enjoy being part of LizianEvents​ 🙂 Brigitte Rix ‘The Afterlife French Lady’

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