I write a few words about the first day of The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show: In a word: Fantastic: No-one is in any doubt about the success of this show. Incredible vibes, reasonable attendance and very happy Visitors. The Community enjoyed day one even though for some it was a difficult trading day. Their work and presentation is nothing short of stellar. Every Community Member was a star today and worthy of an Everest of praise.

Monday’s article will be made up of pictures taken and videos recorded at The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. In the meantime here are some images from today’s event. Well done Community and many thanks to the many Visitors who braved the elements and the motorists most feared adversary… fog… to make this Mind Body and Spirit Show an immense success.

Thank you to everyone involved in day one of The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring! If the fog clears: we could enjoy a bumper harvest 🙂

See You Tomorrow

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