I’ll remind you of yesterday’s show comment:

“I write a few words about the first day of The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show: In a word: Fantastic: No-one is in any doubt about the success of this show. Incredible vibes, excellent attendance and very happy Visitors. The Community loved day one and so they should: Their work and presentation is nothing short of stellar. Each and every-one a star and worthy of an Everest of praise.

Monday’s article will be made up of pictures taken and videos recorded at The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. In the meantime here are some images from today’s event. Well done Community and many thanks to the many Visitors who braved the elements to make this Mind Body and Spirit Show an immense success.”

I could use exactly the same words for the Sunday review: Sunday reflected Saturday’s precedent. We knew it was working when many people turned their Saturday only tickets into ‘All Weekend’ passes.

The Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show must be recognised as an outstanding success for The Community. We all could feel the ‘vibes’ – the atmosphere was amazing. Smiles all round and plenty of laughter. I asked tens of Visitors about their feelings for the show: Everyone loved it! My goodness, this bodes well for The Pure Spirit Shows.

It was gratifying to see Community Members thrive and really interact with Visitors. It is obvious Visitors were within the moment of the event. What was the outcome of The Community’s endeavour? Stimulated minds, relaxed and rejuvenated bodies and enlightened spirits. Yes! The reason for a Mind Body and Spirit Show totally fulfilled. A one-hundred and one per cent effort, resulting in a spectacular show.

The Roll of Honour:

A Jewel Shining Through – Crystals and Affirmation cards for mental wellbeing
Angela Barker Tarot – Tarot Reading
The Anahata Centre, Lincoln – Therapy Training Courses
Aura Soma – Colour Related Products and Consultations
Barrie John Medium – Psychic & Mediumship
Blackbird Oak – unique wire wrapped and macrame jewellery
Blenderz – CBD products and oils
The Body and Mind Place – Yoga classes in a unique environment
Brigitte Rix, Author – Promoting her 5 channelled published books
Campbell Wallace – Author of inspirational ‘Second Chance’
Charlotte Jane Kessler – Original Artwork, Prints and Cards
Crystal Carols – Crystals, Jewellery and crystal carvings
Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
Earth Tree Healing – Spiritual music composed & performed by Claudine West
Elemental Balance – Bio-resonance and vibrational healing
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Animal Communication workshops
Ethically Gifted – Fairly traded, ethically sourced and eco-friendly gifts & accessories
Feel Better Fast – Past and Present Life Readings, Past Life Regression
Fenix Flames – Candles, wands, staffs
Gill Moore – Spiritual Healing
Hands R4 Healing – Chakra Reiki and Healing Pod Therapy
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium – readings using tarot, ribbons and oracle
Henry’s Health Hub – Qenda Ultimate Fibre for gut health
Isagenix – nutrition supplement for wellness and weight loss
Iza Moon Luminary Guide, Songstress & Medicine Woman – CDs, Medicine Crafts and Jewellery
Jeaneil Holistic Therapies – Chakra & Crystal Healing
Jill Fraser Ear Candles – Ear Candling
Little Ears Rabbit Rescue – Scarves, Cards and Gifts all proceeds to animal rescue
MalalalaUK – The Henna Fairy stall sacred Henna and Oracle
Mel-Jay – Silver and Gold Crystal jewellery including bespoke items & Crystal Carvings
Mobile Reflexology – Reflexology and Emmett Technique
Mystic Christine – Spiritual Counsellor working with Tarot and Spirit Guides
Mystical Messengers – Geraldine & Brian’s orgone creations
Native American Traditions – talks about Native American tribes and Smudging Ceremonies (Sunday)
New Horizon Life – Offering solutions for Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome
New World Creations – The Most Beautiful Angels and Sculptures
Nottingham Reiki – Reiki treatments, Crystal Healing and Ear Candling
OiLFACTION – Essential Oils, car and room diffusers
Oraphim Shungite – Shungite products for you and your home
Pam Shield – Tarot and Spiritual Counsellor
Pat Pitt – Tarot and Colour Readings
The Purple Church – Healing Circle
The Pyramid Lady – Copper Pyramids for sale and Pyramid Therapy
Pure Holistics with Michelle – Reflexology and Reiki
Rick Paul – Spiritual Counsellor
Stamford Holistics – Candles and melts
Sanctuary Reflexology – Reflexology Treatments and Indian Head Massage
Secrets of Awen – Tarot and Numerology Readings
Sense the Senses – Home Fragrance Solutions
Shine With Ali – Ali’s great range of clothing loved by Visitors
Shirley Ann – Psychic, Mediumship and card reader
Susan Jones Therapies – Colour Mirror System
Tampara – Indian Head Massage, Shoulder, Neck and Back seated Acupressure Massage
The Witch’s Heart – candles, spells, incense and rituals
Woodland Trust – Protecting our Ancient Forests and Creating New Woodlands

Thank you to every one of you for your amazing work: You impressed the Visitors with your knowledge, wisdom and understanding. There can be no doubt of your achievements over the weekend.

There will be a full show review tomorrow with attendance figures and opinions of the Newark Mind Body and Spirit Show. One certainty is The Community made this show a one-hundred per cent success.

See You Soon

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