As many readers know, talks and presentations are recorded during The Well Being Shows. These recordings have become immensely popular to the extent that interviewed Community Members are gaining clients and bookings from people listening to their views, opinions and information. Audio interviews and downloads have been available on LizianEvents News for over eighteen-months. And now is the time to ‘turn up the volume’ on this aspect of our work. 

Some incorrectly imagine that a recorded talk or interview will mean a loss of interest in the information on offer. Nothing could be further from the facts; people enjoy clarity and transparency. Interviews are known as brilliant promotional media. I have used the example of fans of singers and groups before: The fan will listen to their favourite songs hundreds of times: knowing every word and note. And even though they heard so many times, they have to attend concerts, watch television and YouTube videos of the favoured celebrity.

We are now ready to record phone interviews with Community Members wishing to promote their work. The method is simple: we will call you at a predetermined time, and the conversation will commence. The maximum time allocated for each recording is an hour. This first recording will usually be edited down to somewhere between 30 – 40 minutes.

Most important is the quality of the recording. It is of no use using field recorder and cheap microphone if we are to gain regular listeners and fans to the iTunes platform. The sound has to be crisp and professional. Therefore, we have made substantial investments in recording equipment to fulfil these criteria.

Once it is published, the interview can be downloaded for the guest’s use. And this is a significant benefit for self-promotion. There is no better way to bring people to your door! Why? Because people love to listen to people!

Listen to Liz and Ian talking about the Newark Well Being Show:


The proof of the podcast is in the listening! I ask you to consider becoming a guest and take advantage of free and extensive promotion. Incidentally, guests are not limited to one appearance. We can update listeners and ‘readers’ regularly. Indeed, there will be many situations and articles which require follow up podcasts. Consider using this asset to your advantage.

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  1. Really worth attending LIZIAN WELL BEING show 15-16 FEBRUARY… You’ll discover WHY this Newark NEW VENUE will be FABULOUSLY interesting, comfortable, very LARGE, all on ONE LEVEL (& a great kids’ area to amuse them). Start the NEW year in this NEW VENUE 🙂

    And of course worth booking your professional PODCAST recording with kind & experienced Ian Timothy! 🙂

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