Newark Well Being Show
February 15 + 16 – 2020
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground 
NG24 2NY

68 Community Members
50 Superb Talks
Stage Performances and Demonstrations
Children’s Activity Area

The Newark Well Being Show – We have updated theNewark Well Being Show page. It contains confirmed Community Members and insight into presenters of the talk schedule. The interest in the show is excellent, as is the enthusiasm for the move to a larger venue. Choosing to use the new site is not specific to gaining more Community Members. The more significant place will give the show more grace and space.

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Lady Eastwood Centre – Newark Venue 2020

Lady Eastwood Centre has a separate dining area and better talk facilities. The move is designed to provide a better Visitor experience. Making this move will encourage new Visitors because they will gain a better Well Being experience. Of course, there is more significant potential for more Community Members to stand at the show: and we have adjusted the stall pieces to encourage more Members to attend the event.

It is also felt there is a need for some Community Members to enjoy greater privacy for their work. Therapists and Spiritual Counsellors will be given more excellent space at the Lady Eastwood Centre. Therapists and readers are encouraged to ‘make their space their own’. What not consider different ways to attract your clients? You have additional space around your stand. Liz hopes after reading about ‘space and grace’ you’ll get an idea of her new layout for this event!

Visitors will enjoy a vast range of therapists and alternative healers at this show. Reiki, aromatherapy, ear-candles, Indian head massage, Swedish massage, and traditional seated massage, traditional spiritual healing, aromatherapy, colour healing and light therapy are some of the treatments and therapies available over the weekend. And Richard will be with us with his ever-popular Gongs – Immerse yourself in sound!

Retail stalls will have for sale: Incense and essential oils, a vast range of crystals, clothing, salt lamps, art, singing bowls, ethically sourced retail items, silver jewellery, brilliantly made gemstone jewellery, traditional American flutes and sage.

There is always a demand for spiritual counsellors, mediums, psychic readers. Visitors to the show have twelve well-established readers to choose from. This gifted group of people will cover every aspect of this genre. If you have an interest in the aura, why no have an aura-photograph taken? Images recorded with the aura camera are fascinating, and you’ll find Nigel and Angela provide a brilliant interpretation of the picture.

At last, we can fulfil a Visitors demand, and now offer an extensive talks schedule they love. Our target is for sixty talks over the weekend. We are providing a different and exciting series of presentations to enlighten and interest the most curious of minds.

Large Talk Rooms - Lady Eastwood: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Parents will be can now bring the children to The Newark Well Being Show and we this is something we encourage. We will unitise the extended space for an extensive Children’s Activity Area. Children’s recreation has become a great success at Lincolnshire and Nottingham Well Being Shows. Up until now, there was no space to accommodate our younger followers at Newark, and this has now changed: so there is no problem for Visitors wishing to bring your children to the Well Being Show.

We have many Community Members to confirm their booking for the Newark Well Being Show. And we will cap the attending Community figure for this show. The intention is not to fill the venue. Our idea is to provide Visitors with a balance of Community Members, talks and presentations, space for relaxation and reflection. The Community will provide all who attend with the most sublime Well Being experience. Our show will be another step in the evolution of The Community’s Well Being Shows.

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