Newark Well Being Market Announcement – We will let this announcement run for the next two days. It’s so important for everyone’s Well Being futures.

Today, 8 September, we have been informed by Newark and Sherwood District Council (NSDC) and the local authority Safety Advisory Group (SAG) that they are happy for us to promote and run the Newark Well Being Market (WBM) on the 19 ~ 20 September

Liz and I cannot express how grateful we are to the three primary organisations we have worked with over the previous weeks to be able to make this WBM safe and secure. All authorities realise there are significant hurdles and a steep curve to rebuild everybody’s confidence in any form of public event. We are privileged to be at the forefront of a different way of organising any public affairs for the coming months. 

The Newark Well Being Market should be looked upon as a first, one of the first small events which reunite stallholders, exhibitors and community members with visitors and existing customers. We all should feel privileged to be in a position where many Government officials have allowed us to enable the WBM to proceed.

Every one of us, Community Members and Visitors, will now have to reunify better than ever, unify more than we could ever expect to make sure that we shine. And demonstrate to all the Local Authority officers and the Newark Showground staff who have given us the opportunity for the event to go ahead. 

Liz has worked with incredible fortitude and diligence liaising with NSDC & SAG and followed their best practice and guidelines. All involved in putting the WBM together know the implicit responsibility we have to the future of all show organisers. It may be a small public event, but all eyes of authority will be watching how the WBM is run.

Liz and I do not underestimate our responsibility. We know there are significant compromises which have had to be made for us, all of us, to be privileged to open the doors and trade, liaise and promote our businesses, our services, our therapies and goods. 

All Community Members will receive clear guidelines which, we feel, are more than acceptable in this challenging climate. Visitors will also receive a simple outline of the safety measures to be taken to attend the event. All of us are fully aware of the legislation and guidelines put forward by Governmental bodies, and we know that all of the people who have been involved in previous events are more than capable of making the event work and the event safe. 

We know from the email communications that we have received there is immense enthusiasm for the WBM. If you’re a visitor, it will be best practice to book tickets online, We have a waiting list for people to stand, most of who will be disappointed not to be with us, but you can be sure all will be working together to rebuild for the future.  There’s nothing more to say other than this is truly: one of those moments in time where everybody involved can say ‘I was there’.

Liz Clark ~ Ian Timothy



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