No matter how the year pans out, we intend to forge ahead with a positive attitude and progressive determination. Five years ago, I wrote a mission statement which we have used as a basic template for that period.

With the events of the last year or so, we now have to make specific changes to how we will run the shows, events and markets. Not only this, we have to make sure everyone knows the ethos and ideas behind our endeavours.

Brilliant Venues – Modern – Built for Purpose

A few will disagree with our ideas and policies. There is a substantial number who like the openness and transparency of our work. My suggestion is if you wish to make a brand, then do it! Accepted, we’ll not fit in with everyone’s jigsaw. That is the way of life.

We have basic terms and conditions, and these are followed everyone guidance. Occasionally there will be disputes. None of us is perfect. But we try to work through problems to everyone’s advantage.

We will continue to be focused on being a Community based and non-profit centred business. Continuous reinvestment in people and resources is paramount to the long-term security of the organisation.

Here are the ideas of how we will work and how we’ll navigate the next year or so:

We intend to expand the number of events over the next two years. We will follow the same pattern of encouraging extensive Visitor awareness of The Community. The Well Being brand is central to the organisation. And we will promote Barrie John’s Pure Spirit MBS shows alongside the Well Being brand.

We encourage people to look carefully at the security and benefits of working with a Community-based business. Here are some reasons to consider us as part of your future. There is no priority to the list. All are equally important.

The Health and safety of the Community and Visitors is paramount

Security – All upfront fee’s were repaid during 2020

Solid reputation for fulfilling promises

Exhibitors are respected

The Community’s needs are understood

No petty restrictions – for example, chair and space allocation

Turn up: set up and trade

The every best of venues – Purpose-built for purpose

Always free parking and within viewing distance of the venue

Willing to adapt to exhibitors and Community’s needs

Transparency of operational practice

We are working to streamline every aspect of the organisation. And this will help us keep stand fees affordable while offering the best possible value for money. Along with the non-profit centred ethos, the future is bright and healthy.

We do not think there is a better time to consider the future of standing at events. Our visibility has grown over the last four years. And everyone should accept we have continued to promote The Community during the previous fourteen months. Every day without fail daily posts has kept the Community connected to Visitors, with many of the posts reaching 300 people on the first day of publication.

As many of you will see, we have become more active with our mailing lists over the last months. Weekly posts will become standard from this week onwards. We will not let up the relentless promotional activity for Community Members and exhibitors.

Brilliant Spacious Venues – Airy – Fantastic Facilites

Potential Exhibitors and Community Members are asked to consider the opportunities available when working in a fully connected events platform. You have access to free advertisements, daily newsletter, cross social media platform promotion. As the Well Being brand grows, so will Visitor attendance. There is every opportunity for you to build a solid relationship with new customers.

Liz Clark and Ian Timothy will continue to keep Community, Exhibitors and Visitors aware of the progress of all events organised by LizianEvents Ltd. We invite prospective Community and Exhibitors to see the reality of the shows, the venues and the work which goes into building this solid and healthy business.

If you have any questions or need clarification about third parties’ information, we are here to help. We always reply to enquiries about any subject without exception. 

Let’s work together to build the finest events platform. Never has there been a better time to build new friendships and work together to provide the best Visitor experience for those seeking ways to become a Well Being and find Spiritual Awareness and Peace.

Ian Timothy

LizianEvents Ltd

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