We always answer questions and comments made on social media streams: and as the key to our work is transparency, the answers are often more than a short reply: as readers need to understand our reasoning. An essential aspect is for us to make the answers clear and precise: so as there is no misconception or distortion of the facts. We are always pleased for you to share our work and if you have any questions, use the form provided to receive informed answers, not hearsay, supposition or speculation. The question was:

‘Does the five pounds administration fee deducted from refunds apply to the second change in a markets calendar date?’

The answer is ‘Yes’. Every refund cancels the contract made when the invoice is first paid. Once the refund is made: the agreement between LizianEvents Ltd and its Community Member or Stallholder ends.

If a Community Member or Stallholder books to attend the following market – show – event with a new booking form and invoice, they enter into a new contract. And if the event does not go ahead, they will be refunded their money less the five pounds administration fee.

If a Stallholder or Community Member chooses to allow the invoice to continue for the adjusted date: the continuation of the agreement is accepted. No changes are made to the account, as no refund is issued, obviously, no administration fee is involved.

If the situation occurs that the ‘date adjusted event’ is prevented from going ahead and we choose to refund all Community Members and Stallholders. There will be a five pounds administration fee deducted from the repayment.

It is essential to understand all Community Members and Stallholders will read the information about the administration fee on their booking forms and invoice. There are no underhand dealings or deceptions. The data is transparent and without bias and clearly visible on the forms.

The administration fee covers the refund costs: nulling of the invoice: and time taken to adjust our accounts and balance sheets. Some could suggest these administrative overheads are part of ongoing expenses, and in regular times I would agree. However: All Community and stallholders know we have REDUCED the prices of their stall fees by an average of 65 pounds. And we were already lower-priced than other organisers. For example: a therapy area is charged at £170 by one organiser! We are seventy-pounds lower than that price and offer the finest of venues with unbeatable between event connections. Inevitably, where refunds are concerned there has to be a compromise.

Is five pounds excessive?

We refunded over 9000 pounds at the beginning of the first lockdown without charge or question and we were not asked to do so: we made the right and moral choice. As already mentioned: we have low stand prices and excellent venues: we offer second to none connections for Community and Stallholders. We have lowered the price of the stand so as Community and stallholders have a chance of getting their businesses back to trading. We have not taken a wage from LizianEvents Ltd, and all our accumulated profits are used to keep the websites and social media connections running. The five-pound fee needed to help with the administration NOT line our pockets: After all: if we refunded 50 people with their stall fees: the 250 pounds in a total of the administration fee probably does not cover the actual expenses involved.

Consider this:

If you book a cheap hotel room offer with travel lodge. If you fail to turn up of something happens and you cannot use the room: the agreement made with travel lodge is the room fee is forfeit. The price is half of the standard rate price. In the same way. If a Community Member or Stallholder books a table or stall or space with LizianEvents Ltd with the new concession table rate which is up to seventy pounds cheaper than other comparable events and with purpose-built 100% show venues, there has to be a small compromise. The five pounds charge is reasonable given the circumstances and facts.

All Community Members and Stallholders are fully aware of the situation and agree that the concession is fair in light of the circumstances and reduction in stand fees. If anyone feels we are stealing from, deceiving, or hoodwinking members of the Community or Stallholders: Feel free to place your views on the comments form below.

Always remember the directors of LizianEvents Ltd will robustly answer any questions where the inference is we are doing something wrong on a policy is not in the interest of The Community and Stallholders we serve and respect.

LizianEvents Ltd



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