Avoid Disappointment – No doubting millions of people are facing and feeling great disappointments. Hopes have come to nought. Prayers are unanswered. Plans dashed. Many now see no possibility or reason for planning or anticipating the future. Life is becoming full of disappointments. Hopes are raised and then dashed, insecurity is becoming part of our daily lives. And once people become insecure, it is a monumental task to reverse the situation. Image insecurity as a cracked mirror: every issue becomes distorted and without a full picture to understand.

Even considering future outcomes has become a futile pastime. I do not think I can ever remember so much uncertainty and unhappiness. People who were once positive and determined are losing faith in everything from government to friends who hold different beliefs. A lady tells me she is so disappointed in her sister: her sister has a different C-19 view-point. Another says she’s dissatisfied with her employer of fifteen years ‘All I’ve done for them, and I’m now redundant’. Every one of us hears the same stories: goodness, we live in a fragmented society.

There are a group of people who can demonstrate great strength. Many of The Community and Stallholders are showing their fortitude. Disappointment due to the Lincolnshire Well Being Market date change is inevitable. However, they have rallied round and looked to the announcement of another date in December as positive. That is the power of inner-strength. We may have taken a step backwards, but the summit is still in sight.

Our task is to keep the momentum going for everyone involved in the Well Being Enterprise. Connecting people, Visitors, customers, clients, friends to The Community and Stallholders, must now be our priority, as is, demonstrating a unified approach to the future. And this is also an essential aspect of the future of many aspects of our lives. No matter how dark the night, we know the morning light awaits.

Do not mistake the attitude with positive thinking. Mental fortitude comes from clear thinking. Most people now realise everyone who makes the Well Being Markets and Shows work are dedicated to the future. Of course, there will be some who oppose the idea of connectivity and community ideals. But they will always be present: you see it takes an outstanding attitude to realise the potential of working together to a common purpose.

When disappointments are encountered, we are unified to overcome the problem. We put the setback behind us and forge ahead and work around the difficulty. It is not a case of ‘being in the same boat’ or ‘in this together’. We have always known a feeling of camaraderie and solidarity. And during these extraordinary times, the communal spirit is evident and growing. A casual glance at the depth and breadth of sharing on LizianEvents Facebook Group demonstrates the growth of members understanding the influence of togetherness. There is a long way to go: before the full potential is reached, but none can dispute the prospects of being part of the Well Being Community.

We are working to and for the future. No matter what the setbacks, no matter how many disappointments. The Community and Stallholders can see their endeavours today are building tomorrows future. We do not have to work from ‘scratch’ we are all functioning and finding ways to continue. It is no use feeling sorry for oneself: no use arguing with the many different beliefs of this crisis. Now is the time to see the way forward is to accept the chaos and demonstrate incredible strength and fortitude.

Attempting to find fault is an indication of weakness. Like goes to like: this is an unavoidable truth. People love to be associated with positivity and fortitude: it is now evident Community Members, and new Stallholders see the potential of pursuing positive ideas and concepts.

We intend to provide the Community with a series of ten yearly Well Being Markets. A monthly format which is rock solid and quickly followed. We’ll keep the stand and stall prices affordable to help attendee’s cover their costs and promote their goods, services and skills. Working together, we’ll overcome disappointments and increase Visitors awareness of the Well Being network. 

We have an excellent social media infrastructure. Daily news articles: and as you will see new pages dedicated to Community. Articles and podcasts from Debbie Ison on how to cope with phycological issues. Don Harradine will offer help with financial and business. Barrie John writes and talks about spiritual ideas. Written articles on spiritual and wellbeing from, Rick Paul, Heather Wood, Claire Guichard. We’ll share submissions and videos made by friends of the Community and many more inspirational wellbeing thinkers.

The connections grow, and we’ll provide every opportunity to anyone who has interest and influence in wellbeing to use LizianEvents media platforms. The way forwards is to work together for a common purpose. No doubt many people are feeling disappointed at this moment. Rise above the feelings of doubt and enter into the possibilities of the future. Those who think the future can only be dark and oppressed will never inspire people to become Well Beings. The Community grows in strength and influence. All have different ideas, skills and opinions. Without doubt, some have opposing views: however, the common purpose of The Well Being Group provides a platform of strength: which is becoming acknowledged by many new friends.

Our future must be bound with optimism and success. There will be times of disappointment and doubt: if there were not, little progress could be made: we are empowered by restriction and overcoming of hurdles. Not broken by setback and disappointment 

The Well Being project continues to inspire. People see the dedication to the future and the faith in a unified group as beneficial. The Community and Stallholders are people who desire is to rise above the present situations. All of us are tasked to help Visitors and Clients rebuild their futures. What better purpose can there be than to help people become Well Beings?

Ian Timothy

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