The 7 + 8 November Lincolnshire Well Being Show will not go ahead. Our commitment to Community and Stallholders remains fixed. Stand fees will be repaid less a five-pounds admin fee.

All prepaid tickets will be honoured. We are still awaiting confirmation from Eventbrite for settlement details. We will keep you informed about this situation. But be confident we will deal with this to customers / Vistors advantage.

So what is our next move?

Well, we have moved the Lincolnshire Well Being Market to 12 +13 December 2020. All relevant authorities are in agreement we should promote the Well Being Market for this date.

Of course, there will be many Community Members and Stallholders who will transfer their bookings to the December Well Being Market and there will also be many people who will see the market as the last opportunity to sell or shop before Christmas.

The infrastructure of The Lincolnshire Well Being Show is in place: The Showground, local authority’s and SAG are enthusiastic for the Well Being Show to go ahead. So we will organise the market and forge ahead. And we’ll always keep our vow to keep Community and Stallholders money safe. If the market cannot open its doors: your money will be returned.

12 + 13 December – 2020
The Lincolnshire Well Being Market
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

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