Use Time Wisely – Instead of thinking about the negative aspects of the next month: why not think about the positive actions you can take?

Consider that everyone is within the situation and most of them will be having the same feelings as yourself. One big question is ‘Will the lockdown period be extended?’ You have no answer, so refrain from speculation. As hard as this suggestion is: allowing fiction to appear real is fear. And your thoughts, if they are uncertain or based on supposition, will become anxiety and anxiety could become fear. Being frightened, undermines ones resolve and confidence.

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Reject Speculation

Fear in one area can manifest as insecurity in multiple aspects of life. Anxiety can induce a mental domino effect, fragmenting ones thinking process. Doubt about one facet of life can seep into other areas. For example, you think ‘Will the lockdown last longer than a month?’ and there is no answer. And this insecure thought prevents people from planning a small family get-together later in December or even a short break.

Some may think: ‘I dare not consider a small family get-together’ or ’I dare not consider a short break’. And the ‘dare not’ is evidence of fear to consider a positive act. But remember, the short break or get-together can happen. They are situations which can occur and have occurred before: to organise something possible in the future is beneficial to the mind.

Therefore, whenever a supposition ( a belief held without proof or specific knowledge; an assumption or hypothesis ) comes into mind work around it with a fact. Say to yourself ‘There is no certainty about this thought. My choice is to think about what is known ’. 

For further clarification: To think that the lockdown ‘could’ last longer than a month is a supposition ( a belief held without specific knowledge ). To plan a family gathering or a break in the future is a possibility which can happen. Yes: circumstances can change, however, to plan positive is good. Often considering the unknown is flawed thinking which will impinge on many other aspects of thought.

There are many articles about positive thinking. However, positive thoughts should be attainable. A lifetime of thinking about owning a mansion will rarely manifest the estate. A lifetime of thinking about how to earn and invest money, build businesses could buy the villa. Belief in a positive outcome can only work if the result is realistic. The idea of a family get-together or short-break is real: and one can be optimistic about the outcome. Suppose circumstance prevents the plan from being realised. In that case, it is the ‘circumstance’, not the project which is to blame: and an understanding or acceptance of the ‘circumstance’ should not affect one’s confidence or resolve.

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Consider Great Outcomes

The title of this article is ‘Use Time Wisely’. The first paragraphs offer the reader insight into how to consider one’s plans. No one can doubt this is an uncertain time in history. But the crisis does not mean there is no space for clear thinking. Indeed, it seems sensible to use the present situation to become more straightforward and more realistic with one’s thinking process. Returning to the phrase ‘There is no certainty about this thought. My choice is to think about what is known’ is a good starting point.

The reader may correctly question the phrase. ‘Yes, but how do I know what is certain?’ and the answer is focused on the last words ‘what is known’. Today we know the information indicates the lockdown will last to 2nd December: this is what is known, and further speculation will invoke uncertainty and doubt and uncertainty and doubt quickly evolves into fear. 

If one chooses to be resilient over the next four weeks rather than become a victim of circumstance: it seems sensible to consider planning based upon ‘what is known’. When speculation becomes part of the mindset it is easy to become frozen in time and see no future. Progressive people, think and plan and are adaptable, and will most often enjoy successes. Those whose mindset is fed with ‘what if’s’ and ‘this might happen’ miss opportunities.

Progressive thinking sometimes results in people offering resistance to future-minded plans. Comments such as ‘whimsical thinking’ ‘not a hope’ ‘you’re stupid’ are sentiments of negative attitude. Do not be influenced by restrictive thinking: restrictive thinking digs holes. Progressive thinking builds bridges, climbs mountains and places explorers on top of the world.

Remember, plan, work within one’s capabilities and resources. And consider this idea: over the next month, we have the opportunity to make our homes, tidier, happier, and more comfortable. There are no restrictions on exercise and learning new ways of enjoying a simpler life. Why not begin by planning to become a Well Being?

See You Soon

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  1. Very wise words indeed dear Ian…Too many people wear themselves out mentally and physically, wondering & worrying… Yet achieving nothing.
    Dive into some activities or others, it will burn off that negative energy! Xx

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