We will be recording podcasts with Debbie Ison – Don Harradine – John Richardson this week. The subjects will be Mental Wellbeing – Financial Wellbeing and Spiritual Wellbeing.

If you have products and services, you wish to promote on the Group page: join LizianEvents Facebook Group and put up a post for approval. Only political or contentious posts are declined.

The LizianEvents Facebook Group can also be used for those of you who have questions: anything from spiritual to material someone within the group will have an answer or suggestion. There are over 1300 active members all know the potential of The Well Being Project.

Anyone wishing to contribute to LizianEvents News: Or wishing to promote books projects or courses on LizianEvents News can submit information for publication on this platform. We have an average of 300 visitors and readers each day on LizianEvents News. Those who contribute or promote on these pages will link up to new contacts and customers.

If you make Youtube or Vimeo videos which have wellbeing content, we are happy to add them to our video wall. All you have to do is provide information and links to utilise this facility.

Our community based activities are vitally important. With so many people having stay at home, remember you can connect using our media platforms. It is factual to write: a Facebook or Twitter page will only connect to a few people. Our Community driven media platforms have been 24/7/365 days active for the last four years. They are here for you to use and keep connected. Do not underestimate the power of a united purpose.

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