Dr Don Harradine’s ‘Money Talk’s Podcast’ is focussed today on the ‘Where’ of business. The talk is not focused on where your business should be sited! Although there are ways, one could assess the best place to position your empire. No, the where of this podcast is all about where to set your business relative to the competition, financial constraints, creative ability, one’s passion and determination. These are the hidden and magical ‘where’s of ‘where your business could be positioned’.

It is recommended to listen to this podcast three of four times. The value of Dr Harradine’s information should not be underestimated. Do not forget Dr Harradine’s business and accountancy experience extends over decades: and listeners can take advantage of this great opportunity.

The subjects covered:

The Where of Business:

A story ‘Animals in the Jungle’.
Goods and Services.
Different business cycles.

Boston Consultation Group.
The Boston Matrix.

Strategic Direction.
Cost leadership.
Sustaining Advantage.

Gain theory.

Directional Options

The Pentangle of Adaptable’s
The flow of Ideas.
Cash flow.

Game Theory ~ No Advantage is Permanent.

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