Using Angel Cards by Barrie John – At times we all want that piece of guidance, or we want to change the direction of lives as it doesn’t suit us at that moment in time. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore that inner intuitive feeling rather than listening to it. When we have a choice or decision to make, we often look to others such as family and friends to make that final choice for us as we don’t want to be left with self-blame, we want to be endowed with a clear conscience. 

At times when I feel lost or confused, I reach for my Angel Cards, and then I use them on a Psychic basis to link into my intuitive side or with my guides to look for those answers. 

Firstly, when choosing a pack of cards, you must ensure that they resonate with you. Feel them, touch them, handle them and work with them daily so that they absorb your Psychic energy. (Don’t worry, we all have Psychic energy around us, from humans to animals, animals to personal objects, it’s just natural energy that we give out).

When using your cards, shuffle them a few times, and any cards that fall out the pack put them to one side. In your mind ask the cards the question that you want to be answered, ie, my work situation – will it change, my love life – will I find love, friendships – do I need to move away from others. Then with your fingers fan out the cards and feel the energy above them, do you feel drawn to any in particular, do you have a connection to a specific card? – If so, pull that card and put it to one side, keep drawing cards until you feel you’ve got enough, I would suggest no more than 3 or 4 cards. You will know the number you need to draw as you feel the energy. 

Now layout your chosen cards, including the ones that may have fallen out the pack before. 

What do you see? – are you draw to any card in particular, if so, pick it up and feel that card. Look at the card and also look into the card at the picture. What does it show, does it show you something else that you didn’t see the first time you looked?

As you review each card you will be drawn to different things and also other parts of the cards, make a note of each one, remembering to keep asking the question you want an answer too. 

Finally, summarise all the information you have obtained, does it give you the guidance you wanted. In some cases, you might want to pull a final card to clear up any questions which have been raised from the cards you’ve picked so far. 

Angel cards are an easy way to receive answers and guidance; you could daily, keep pulling a card and see what it means to you: ensuring each day you know that you are guided to make the right choice and the right decision for you. 

Good luck to you on your Psychic pathway:

Barrie John

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