It seems strange to be working at the market without any fellow traders in my part of the building. Occasionally a member of the public will walk by the stall and ask if there is a way out. Ian normally says ‘It will cost you a fiver or you’re here for the day’ I’ve noticed he’ll just gives the directions and continues to sort the stock (we are all being affected in different ways). I confess to being slightly amused when someone asked if they could buy a pack of incense sticks and I replied ‘Sorry we’re closed: You can buy online if you want something!’ – She did not understand we cannot trade and this proves many people are still unaware of the restrictions. Do not doubt while we are working at the stall all social distancing rules are strictly followed and council officers are more than diligent at this time.

What I thought would take about a week is going to take longer: it now seems as if the stocktake and reorganisation will be a three-week process. Not only have we had to remove all of the items, but we now have to catalogue the inventory. Once done, some of the items will be returned to the shelves and the other placed in storage in the stall. And we have also tried different ways of setting out the shelves and position of the stock: progress is being made.

Liz Clark: LizianEvents Ltd

An Eagle Eye is Needed to See the Changes – So Far!

The main objective is to turn the LizianShop into a small catalogue outlet! We have thousands of products and limited space. So all the smaller items will be placed into storage containers under the counter and we’ll have a catalogue for people to select the items they wish to see. This will also mean our stock will also be available online: Yes it’s a big job: but it seems the best way to go at this time.

When we leave the market the car park is all but empty. Obviously, this is a reflection on the lockdown, but even so, to see the vast car parking space without cars is a reflection on the present crisis. And it also demonstrates how much pressure retailers are under at this time. One certainly has to question how many companies will survive. My feeling is many will already have accepted the inevitable and final outcome. From my perspective, it is essential to do anything which can contribute to the future. Therefore, we continue to make the changes today for the difficult days ahead. I’d say to anyone who runs a small business: seek ways to trade even if you have to sell stock at cost. Keep the wheels turning and people aware of your presence.

No Problem Finding a Space

I’m more than aware many people struggling. And there are many who only wish to seek darkness and poor outcomes. Blame is being apportioned everywhere and many are forming deep-seated opinions. There is nothing that can be done other than stay within the rules and use every hour to one’s best advantage. To become strong we see the adversity and still face it head-on. I know this is difficult and many feel there is little point in doing anything until ‘things change for the better’. Do not hold your breath hoping a magic wand is going to turn the situation around. There are tough times ahead and those not preparing for the future will be struggling in a wake of anguish and confusions in the months ahead.

If you read this article as negative then you’ll have discovered your mind-set. If you see it as one of realism then you’ll have the ability to forge a future. Leave nothing to chance: keep hammering the design on the anvil and reheat the metal with the flames of determination. No matter how despondent you feel, keep on with the reason to survive and succeed. You will have overcome and survived difficult past-times. Know there is light for those who are prepared to go the extra mile: work the extra hour: give the extra act of kindness.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd


  1. To all those small businesses our there, there was a ruling this week that business who have suffered loss due to restricted trade can claim on their insurance for loss of trading. Check your policy. It does not need to be the pandemic, just a lost of trade due to restrictions.

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