We are asked many times what our intention is concerning the long-term promotion of the 2021 shows. We will indeed continue to promote every event which is on our calendar.

A few people believe that we are taking a great chance with peoples health and well-being by even contemplating a show during 2021. Liz and I do not see the continuous promotion in this light. Nobody knows for sure how the year will pan out. However, inevitably, this present situation cannot last indefinitely. Therefore, we will continue to promote the shows on the calendar.

It has been suggested that we are reckless with our feelings about the present crisis. Therefore I intend to clarify precisely where we stand with opinions about the virus. We do not ignore the gravity of the situation. We have no formed idea as to the potential of vaccines. We would never attempt to influence people on this platform. Indeed, I have turned down many submissions from people who wish to demean the potentials of science. LizianEvents News is, and always will be a neutral site: no political or public news articles are published.

Anybody involved with the September Well Being Market knows we went to the most incredible lengths to ensure the event was safe and successful. And we will take all steps to ensure the safety of visitors and community members when we are allowed to continue with the well-being markets in the coming year.

There is no way we would break any guidelines put forward by the government or local authorities: this would be both foolhardy and unacceptable. I’m wondering if people believe that we are irresponsible. Anybody who knows us or works with us understands that we take our work very seriously indeed. And we ensure that we communicate the best possible and most transparent possible information to everybody who works with us. Some of you will know we have straightforward and defined business guidelines which are followed to the letter and can cause friction. It seems to us better to be transparent and fair rather than consistent. And we will always follow our guidelines and people must be sure we will make the right decisions at the right time.

So the calendar dates stand. And we will continue to promote all of the events for 2021, and we will follow all of the guidelines and regulations set out by the government or local authorities if we can put an event together. I’ll keep the article short because people need to understand the clarity of our policy.

I would ask anybody with input or personal feelings regarding our new policy to email or contact us by phone, and we will be more than happy to publish your opinion on LEN. Thank you for your time reading this short article and enjoy your weekend.



  1. There is a demand for events. Traders want to trade. Therapists want to work.

    The pandemic is complex in its impact, with onerous and changing Government policies and considerable demands upon personal responsibility. All that Lizian, or any business, can do is to adhere to the law and guidelines as they affect the pandemic.

    I think that Lizian has loaded the 2021 programme sensibly, just one event scheduled for the first half of the year, and a more normal second half. Unquestionably, the second half of the year will benefit from the vaccination programme now in place.

    The pandemic has affected the public consciousness, MBS events are likely to benefit as a result. Brexit does affect those traders who purchase from EU countries, but those traders will soon adjust.

    What we do need to ensure is that, as MBS events return, we give the public something they want.

    • Thank you, Gary, for your reply and observations. A very accurate assessment of the present situation. We have already imported from the EU and it is not as difficult as is portrayed! Again many thanks – Ian

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