Groups That Reincarnate Together – This is an interesting article written by Jane Osbourne. Jane has become one of the countries foremost authorities on the subject of past life regression. In this concise article, Jane explores the idea of groups of people or two people who were connected in a previous life: coming together in a subsequent existence. Anyone who has an interest in Past Life Regression and feels they have an unexplained affinity to a friend, partner or family member could find answers in a group regression. Janes contact details are found at the end of the article.

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Did Friends Meet In This Room In Another Existence?

Personal relationships today can have strong past life ties to groups of people. These people may have similar roles in your life again today or have chosen to balance the karmic relationship you have with them. For instance, a client discovered she was burned at a witch. Delving more deeply into the story, they declared the perpetrator who carried out the act was their husband in this life. Questioning why they had chosen to work together in this life revealed that the perpetrator took the client’s life in a previous life and their contract today was to love and protect them.

Belonging to a group from a past life can be a great source of emotional support. They may be part of a football team in today’s society but were hunter-gatherers or may once have been sailors on the same ship. The bonding from one life to another can be powerful, and it is always a pleasure to discover family members alternating their roles from one life to another. I do believe my daughter was my mother in a previous life.

Soul Groups from Higher Realms

Many groups, large and small reincarnate to follow a shared purpose. Several of my clients intuitively feel that they belong to a soul group. These may now be working together as an environmentalist, against racism or in the medical field. The passion that they hold for a cause can run very deep, from one lifetime to another.

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How Many Existence’s Affect Today’s Persona?

Accepting that we had past lives expands our sense of who we are: that our real identity is not what people see on the outside. In different lives, we chose other characters, like changing an outfit of clothing. At the end of life, we discard them to begin a new life, and sometimes with different personalities. However, our real identity is the inner spirit that travels from life to life, losing fears and illusions that identify us with the ego.

Knowing that our current “self” is part of a much larger structure provides a deep sense of security. When we discover who we are, our outlived neediness and insecurities wither away like an uprooted weed.

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