Liz and Ian have been working on a new ABOUT page: And here it is: If you would like to make any suggestions or comment on omissions please use the contact form. It is important to read the whole of the page if you are a Community or potential Community Member. As you will find this is also a ‘Mission Statement’ for the coming years. We are making a firm commitment to high reinvestment in 2021 and onwards. Returning profits into venue bookings and more intensive promotion is seen as paramount to the Community’s future. Every effort must now be placed into the future of The Community which is strong and still visible to many Visitors. The Daily News and continuous sharing and social media presence over the last year is the difference which makes the difference. Share the hell out of these pages: share everything about yourself and your work: use the platforms to promote your work, ideas, thoughts, products. We have a future to forge we have Well Being’s in our heart.

Brief Synopsis:

In July 2014 Liz Clark and Ian Timothy organised the first Well Being Show at The Festival Hall in the Lincolnshire market town of Market Rasen. It was the first of six Well Being Shows at the venue. Early Well Being Shows became stepping stones for the future of the organisation.

Liz and Ian organise events which are Community based. Their guiding principle is to provide the Community with extraordinary events hosted in the finest venues at the fairest stand fees for Community Members. By returning profits into the organisation and reinvesting in the future of wellbeing events the Community benefits and the strength of the organisation grows. A policy which is building a reputation allowing them to become partners with world-standard people and fantastic venues.

Openness and transparency are core values of excellent business practice. Integrity is also essential. For example when shows were put ”on hold” rather than hold onto stand fees: Community Members had their fees returned. Liz and Ian made the right and responsible choice; seeing acts of this kind as great for building relationships and reputation.

Of course, there will be sceptical people: this is human nature and understood. However, the evidence of integrity is discovered in actions: actions are more conclusive than words. Make no mistake to build a healthy business; tough choices have to be made: the group, not the individual must steer any Community based organisation. Therefore, over time, a few people will leave. Reasons for quitting can be expectations are set too high, failing to realise the need to share and self promote or a personal agenda is preferred to Community success.

No matter what the future holds: Liz Clark and Ian Timothy will continue to build the organisation and help the Community prosper. Principles of transparency, fairness and integrity are the foundational values of LizianEvents which will not be compromised. There is no end to the development and evolution of the Well Being brand. Many new friends will be made and as the Community grows, and as the Community strengthens so will they prosper.

The Full Story Begins With Well Being:

Note the separation of the word wellbeing into Well Being. Liz and Ian decided their events should be focussed on show Visitors finding ways to become Well Beings. So effective is the formula many other organisers choose to tack the word wellbeing onto their logo and banner. However, the association ends at that marker. Lizian Events Well Being events are Community-driven. And the foundation of the organisation is bound by unique and extensive marketing, promotion and public awareness.

People taking part in a Well Being Show know they are encouraged to be proactive in self and Community promotion in return for the extensive publicity and fair stand fees. In fairness, this can be a difficult commitment. We can only encourage people to promote or take part in the many support conduits available. Although, to gain the very best from a Well Being Event self-promotion using our media platforms will gain exceptional results. Interestingly, the ebb and flow of Community have formed an influential, robust, and growing Community. People have joined and left and those who have stayed have created a Community respected and loved by an increasing Visitor attendance.

Further History:

Ian and Liz started LizianShop in 2004 at their small market stall in Nottingham’s Victoria Centre Market. Continuing to trade from here today, it has become the centre for every Lizian venture. Returning to the early days Liz and Ian traded Monday to Friday at the market and travelled countrywide at the weekends to sell crystals and minerals. Without dispute, they were successful and built a substantial following of customers. So strong the following, original customers still shop with them seventeen years from first opening.

While travelling home from the weekend shows Liz and Ian talked about the way the events were organised. Liz has extensive knowledge of organising trade shows and promotional events for airlines and high tech business. And she realised the show organisers ignored the immense possibilities for growth. One of the most significant neglected areas was bonding stallholders together: in the early stages poor attempts at unification were attempted: however, fundamental mistakes were made, such as organisers having preferential friends whose influence seeped through and eventually damaged the events.

First Well Being Event:

During January 2014 Liz and Ian booked Market Rasen’s Festival Hall for a one day Well Being Show. Here is where they made a critical mistake: they decided to invite people to stand. And this caused friction with people who believed they were unfairly treated. In reality, Liz and Ian wished to give new spiritual counsellors, therapists and retailers a unique opportunity to become established in a competitive market. Many people who review a Well Being Show today forget a binding principle is to help new people to enter a venue and work with experienced Community.

Michelle Durrant, Lizianevents. Lizian Events. Inspirational Well Being

Early Days

The second aspect is from day one the basis of LizianEvents is building a business which offerers fair priced stands and a 356 day a year promotional platform. The commitment to this objective is unique in the events world, the 365 days, promotional activity is an immense undertaking: and after four years of work is making great headways. Contributions are now worldwide, and people using LizianEvents News and LizianEvents Facebook Group can expect to benefit from social platforms. If the Community work together and share each other’s information all will benefit. LizianEvents provides every facility to share and exchange ideas. And social interaction and mutual sharing is a recognised formula for success.


Everyone who stands together at a Well Being Event becomes part of a growing and influential Community. A Community who work together and use the facilities available to them will always fair better than someone who attempts to ”Go Solo”. Let’s be tough here: Ian has kept extensive records of all the events he attended over twelve years. Thousands of photographs, journal entries and show guides provide a sad story. Counting the hundreds of names who attended events between 2005 and 2016 only twenty or so businesses have survived.

Community Works!

If the number of people who have worked with the Community is assessed. We discover about 170 different businesses have stood with LizianEvents since the Market Rasen days and 110 still express interest in, and attend events. Of the remaining 60 many no longer trade and sadly some do not like the idea of Community or in truth do not like the organisers: something which is human nature, natural and acceptable. Although, the interest from previous Community Members wishing to return to the Well Being Shows has increased during 2020-21. Never has there been a better time to offer ‘olive branches’ and renew connections: this is one of the few good aspects of the Covid crisis. Many people now see the amazing potential of the Well Being Events for self-promotion and future success. The Community welcome everyone to the shows, whether new or returning.


Within any organisation where tens of people come together, there will be differences of opinion: political, religious or personal. Some see the success of the Community as a brilliant example of the power of connectivity. Others will (naturally) resist or find conflict with the idea. Indeed, Liz and Ian still encounter people who question their ethos as real. The principal of Community-driven and non-profit focussed business practice is difficult for some to reconcile. It is a materialistic world and any who oppose the ‘wealth mandate’ are treated as suspicious!

Many confuse the idea of Community with Charity. To do this leads to misunderstanding and in some cases, opposition. Liz and Ian provide first-class service, facilities and promotional conduits for a Community to trade and prosper. Although the business is not profit centred overheads have to be covered. Therefore fee’s have to be charged and invoices settled. There are 21 rules to follow to help understand the foundational principles: for the organisation to thrive, no-one can cross the parameters.

Link to Foundational Rules


Whether stallholder, Community Member or Visitor, it is essential to understand Liz and Ian do not see LizianEvents as their own. They work for the companies as directors and take a salary for their work. As employees (not owners) all profits must be returned into the business and this means certain benefits: stand fees can be kept to an affordable price and with healthy profit accumulation, Liz and Ian book the best purpose-built show venues. A decisive decision! Because during the world crisis the finance was available to refund fees.

Well Being Means: LizianEvents


The choice is to use large and fit for purpose venues. Never the cheapest to secure: but always the best for Community and Visitors. And post C19 Visitors will demand space and exceptional hygiene standards. Nothing must be left to chance: building confidence for Visitors to return is an unprecedented challenge: a goal Liz and Ian are confident they will meet and exceed:

Large floor area.
Good social distancing between stalls.
Exceptional hygiene.
Clean and hourly clean facilities.
High-quality food.
Easy access.
Free and ample parking.
Close to national road networks.

The above list is the bare minimum of requirements, and all Well Being Show venues meet and exceed these needs. When working with world-class platforms, the staff and management are inevitably knowledgeable and of excellent standing. Making each event work means working with the best people: this is the only way to success.

Liz and Ian are under no illusion, they are not the event. The hundreds of people who come together over a year of shows and markets make the events. Liz + Ian will not ”get everything right – every time” that is the way of life. Be sure they will always work toward that impossible goal. The 8500 verified email base and 10000 Visitors every month to LizianEvents News are evidence the Community are forging a successful future. National recognition and growing interest even during the crisis proves the Community has formed a lasting memory in the minds of thousands of Visitors.

The Community are ready to rebuild the Well Being of our society.

Many Thanks

Special thanks to Derek Silvers!

Well Being Events Are Community Driven

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