Can I recommend FaceBook live’s? The answer has to be” ‘Yes’. No doubt in my mind if you wish to connect to your audience or clients video works. Does it work better than words? I think it probably does if you are not lightening at typing. And as most people use their phone’s keyboards, it can be time-consuming to compose the post.

Making a video is simple and effective. One issue is overcoming the ‘stage-fright’ of the appearance. But if you consider the video-post as no more than a conversation, it will work for you. If you consider promoting your work or selling products on social media: I’d recommend writing a short script with bullet points and stick to the quick schedule.

What’s the video is all about.
Talk about the subject.
Give contact details.
Sign off.

Keep the video to three or four minutes, and magic will happen. But practice the script a few time before the call, ‘Silence! Lights, Action’. I know this type of post is usually Ian’s domain. Truth to tell, you do not see Ian very often on video. Although his hour with Darren Stanton last Wednesday: ran over by 30 minutes and has been watched by 800 people: It also gained him an October’ speaking booking’ for a PLC. Imagine, a PLC wanting to hear about your Community-driven organisation. We know Darren has thousands of contacts, but even so, this evidences Video connections work.

Fact is, if you desire for your business to survive in the future, you best be doing something to promote your work today. Do not doubt tomorrow is too late. And if you are too camera shy, begin to FaceTime or video chat on messenger today. Get used to the screen and watching people’s interactions. And do not give up: making marketing videos is like making your home a unique and comfortable place. It takes time, and you can change the format and adjust the decorations. In time you’ll find a home which many people will desire to visit.

And producing a video marketplace is worthwhile. I have to say I loved my first LizianShop Live this week. I made some welcome and important sales, met a few friends and made some new one’s. We only used the basic studio set up, and although simple and without props, it worked. And simple means anyone can set aside an area or room for the production. We will build our studio over the coming weeks and form a style which is recognised and remembered. But one step at a time. I need to become comfortable with the technology and smooth running of the LizianShop live. We cannot build our social media shop built in a day. It will take a couple of months before it becomes a semblance of our vision.

So, do not think about it: do it! Don’t worry about fine-tuning the show: we have to begin somewhere, and all you need is a phone. There are tens of instructional videos on YouTube going from five-minute simple to two-hour brain frazzler’s: start short and grow tall.

I recommend you try selling a few items and see where it takes you. I’m sure there is a ‘granny’ who needs a new home or a stock room of goodies in need of selling. There is no other way than to become active and display your goods to thousands of people. Somewhere, there is a buyer, all you have to say is ‘Here I am – How can I help you?’

Finally thank you to all the people who visited my online LizianShop: LizianShop Live on Thursday. I was a great success, and I’m thankful for all of you for being with me during the hour. I’m looking forward to hosting the LizianShop Live every Thursday at 7 PM.

Have a good week: and get videoing today.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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