Lincolnshire Well Being Market:
Day One Review

I’m tired and happy. What an incredible day. No one could have the slightest doubt about how this day has faired. Memories have been carved in stone today. And the potential for the Well Being Events to thrive over the coming year is as far as we wish to take the concept.

Every second of the day was full of fun and enjoyment. The stage area was well attended (and fully within guidelines) with a regular attendance of the audience. Everyone spoken to more than enjoyed the day.

The presentation and streaming schedule was another hit. The new speakers all enjoying a good turnout and excellent post-presentation comments. Already, the live streams have attained nearly 1000 views and this has to be brilliant for the overall awareness of both the speakers and the Well Being Brand.

We chose to have a specific entertainment area with all things of that nature: music: dance: healing: tai chi, and meditation. Iza, Claudine, Hannah, Don and Carol made magic happen today: Thank you for working together with such excellence. The feedback achieved was 101%.

Everyone positively commented on the quality of the food and the layout of the food area. A varied menu catered for every diet and culinary taste. Well done, catering team.

And that is all for me to write tonight: 

Thanks and Gratitude to everyone who made this day so memorable. Everyone of you have worked some magic today.

See You Tomorrow

Ian Timothy

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