Thank You – Community

It is traditional for us to thank the Community for their work and efforts over the weekend.  But tonight, I have to think hard about expressing the reality of what you attained this weekend.

I think there is an understandable reticence to commit to booking to stand at events at this moment in time. On Friday evening Liz and I looked at the outstanding booking forms. The review validated this statement as we had 34 forms that were not returned! Totally understandable as there is still a cloud of uncertainty in the minds of many people. Darren commented last week that Costa’s and Starbucks were struggling to regain momentum after the prolonged months of restrictions.

I make this comment because it reinforces the commitment of the Community Members who stood at this Well Being Market last weekend. Although, it takes nothing away from the many who choose to wait for further evidence of security. Therefore we realise there is a long road ahead before the ‘roadmap’ takes effect.

Our Visitor numbers were excellent and we are truly making ground in this aspect of the Well Being Events. So, thanks must go to the people who travelled to The Epic Centre.

679 Visitors attended this weekend! And this number is solely due to the efforts and commitment of the attending Community Members. You must realise how brilliant your pre-show commitment was to attain this figure. 

The feedback from Visitors is 101% fantastic: every Community Member should be justly proud of what you have achieved: Every one of you are stars: Thank You:

The Role of Honour:

Anahata Centre Lincoln
Avaja Himalayan Singing Bowls
Barrie John
Breathe Healing
Brigitte Rix Author
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Congeries of Sound
Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop
Dance Free
Dance of Life Tai Ji
Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
Delta Direct Massagers
DevelopLink Reiki
Earth Tree Healing Music
Elemental Balance
Elisa Gray – Shamanic Healing
Emperor Training Solutions Ltd
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast – John Richardson
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Garlic Grater Shop
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing & Crystal Comforters
Gong Bath & Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing
Heather Wood – Guide, Medium, Therapist
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
The Hempman
HomeMade Sweetness
Iza Moon
Jane Osborne – Author and Past Life Regression
Kirstie Star Child
Kryskull Therapy
Lisa Davies
Lmore Jewellery
Miss Macramae
Mystic Christine
Naturally Smart Skincare
OilFACTION aromatherapy
Old Pain 2 Go
Oraphim Shungite
Pamper For You
Peter Wall Academy of Hypnosis
Pulse Proactive
Pyramid Lady
Purple Church Spiritual Healing
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Sarah May
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace
Seraphina Jewellery
Stephanie J King
Simon Goodfellow
Spookylicious Wax Melts
SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy 
Soul Sisters
Steve Johnson Healer
Summer Rose Tarot
Tranquil Awakenings
Travellers Rest
Tropic Skincare
The Urban Monk
Victor John
Visionary NLP
The Woodland Trust
Zsuzsanna Hörcsög

And all of the Community Members who could not attend for various reasons: You were with us: your presence was missed! But your were with us this weekend. 🙂

See You at Newark and every Wednesday for LizianEvents Live.

Thank You:

Liz and Ian 🙂


  1. Some years ago I won a promotion to take over a group of failing Estate Agency offices. I was confronted with mayhem on arrival. I called a colleague who sympathised and offered me this advice: “Do what you can with what you have where you are”.

    Lizian epitomise that attitude. In an imperfect world Lizian have now put on two shows this year with a full compliment of exhibitors, and visitors keen to return. Circumstances restricted efforts , but Lizian have got on, with what they have, where they are, as have the exhibitors.

    Duke Senior in Shakespeare’s “AS you Like it” declares “Sweet are the uses of adversity”, and adversity has squeezed out benefits from the situation precipitated by Covid. Streamed talks should be here to stay. Outdoor seating, was a well used amenity ( thankyou).

    Of course there are unanswered questions. What will the post Covid restriction world look like? Extraneous factors were impacting MBS shows prior to Lockdown. Those have not gone away. The “old normal” went a long time ago, everyone has their part to play in forging a new future.

    • Many, many thanks for you words Gary. And as you say: there are many factors influencing the future. We will continue to find ways to present and promote the Community and find ways to navigate the unknown. See you very soon – Ian

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