So where do we go from here?

Well, the first comment is: The Community has gained incredible momentum. Visitors love their work. Community Members interaction is to build long-term relationships with Visitors is key to the future of the Well Being Brand. Most important is there is a uniform acceptance of being part of a thriving community. And most now realise the potential for success in the idea of being Community-based. I have never listened to so many people say ‘Our Community’ and we can see evidence of this on our social media platforms.

Liz and I decided the ‘show had to run’, no matter the cost or commitment. The choice to be none profit based helped us to make the right choices. Lowering stand fees and investing in large and purpose built venues is the right decision. We must invest in the Community and provide a superb platform for them to rebuild their brands. Be assured we will continue to follow this path without waiver.

I always interact with Visitors during the Lincolnshire Well Being Market, and the feedback was spectacular. And each one spoken to also feels part of the event. They also have taken possession of the Well Being Brand. The enthusiasm and realisation that every aspect has been created with their enjoyment in mind are accepted.

No doubt, we are re-establishing the idea Visitors can attend and enjoy a wonderful day or weekend of ‘Well Being’ happiness. And we will continue to support both Visitors and the Community with extensive promotions. Keeping everyone up to date with progress and information about Community Members and their work.

Areas to work on:

Video Streams

Everyone is pleased with the streaming of talks. Although, there is much work to do to hone the stream! As anyone watching the streams recorded at Lincoln will see there were small issues with sound and intro links. Be assured the future streams will have all issues sorted. We have decided to record the talks from one room, rather than have a separate ‘studio’ at the Newark Well Being Market. This will provide a better and more professional experience for the viewers. Incidentally, over 800 people have already watched the streams recorded at The Epic Centre (Lincolnshire WBM).


Art is a very important aspect of wellbeing and mental health. We feel we must encourage more working artists to the Well Being Events. And we will make a significant announcement in this aspect of wellbeing next week. Before doing so, we have to consult The Community with our plans. The Community need to know about our ideas and understand our thinking behind our ideas to attract artists to the events.

Stage Presentations

The stage presentations work well. And we feel encouraging musicians to perform at the events is an excellent way of self promotion. Many thanks to Claudine West and Iza Moon for their incredible contributions to this area of the Well Being Events. And of course Don and Carol Harradine for their Tai Chi demonstrations. There are other aspect which can be bought ‘on-stage’ as the roadmap takes us out of the restrictions. Any suggestions are more than welcome.


Please feel free to make any suggestions to the way the Well Being Events are run. Use the contact form below and do not think your ideas will fall on deaf ears. We continue to look for more ways to encourage new Community Members and Visitors to the Events, Facebook Group and Page and here on LizianEvents News. We are still in our early days of evolution and there are many unexplored ways to enhance the brand.

See You Soon

Ian Timothy

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