Why should you stand at a Well Being Event?
Here are some important considerations:

One – Well Being Events are real Community Events – Talk to anyone who attended a Well Being Event will testify to the dedication of the exhibitors who are the Community.

Two – Community Members turn up – set up and trade. There are no concerns over space allocation – power supplies or facilities. Everything to do with the organisation ‘Just Works!’

Three – The financial aspect is simple – There are no rolling deposits – payments are made around five weeks before the event. In exceptional circumstances where an event cannot run fees are returned less a £5-00 admin fee.

Five – Stand fees are fair – Check out our stand fees! You’ll find them beyond competitive.

Six – 24-7-365 days a year promotion – Postal fees are too much 1000 mailouts cost 900 pounds. Advertisement is 300 pound plus for a decent single entry. We have extensive research which suggests these methods are poor return on investment. Therefore we promote daily on LizianEvents News (8000 visitors each month) and use our verified email list (now 9000).

Seven – Community promotions – The Community can utilise LEN (LizianEvents News) to their advantage: Community profiles – Page listings and a directory are all available and free of charge. Use them to self promote.

Eight – social media streams – Two Facebook assets – LizianEvents page and LizianEvents Group. The Group has 1400 members: of which 500 are active. Active members are an important factor: 500 active members are a substantial number for organic reach. And they can use this Well Being based platform to promote their work and share information about their fellow Community and the Well Being Events. Instagram is also becoming part of social media promotion.

Active Members: LizianEvents Ltd

Nine – weekly Live Streams – Every Wednesday evening Community Members become guests on The LizianEvents Live. From humble beginnings, the one hour show is gaining a substantial following. Guest are reporting increased awareness of their work and gain sales and appointments due to their contribution.

Ten – Community support – No doubting the momentum the community-driven basis has achieved. The Community know the strength of being connected and sharing each others work. This has been one of the prime objectives of the LizianEvents organisation. It is fantastic to see the potential of Community and sharing.

Eleven – Superb Venues – We have three superb venues with world-class facilities available for the best advantage of the Community and Visitors. By 2022 more will be added to the portfolio.

Now watch the video and listen to Community Members opinions:

Anyone who chooses to become part of this growing and influential Community can rest assured that the continuing promotion and connections will advantage their future. There can be no doubt LizianEvents will continue to promote and share everything the Community has to offer. We have endured a difficult and extraordinary episode in the history of humankind. The Community will have a part to play in the well-being of thousands of people.

Many Thanks

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  1. Why am I a “Lizianer”? 😏
    I came & joined Lizian years ago.

    I saw the increasing & innovative ways they created & support kindly & fairly our Community of Exhibitors, & care for our Visitors.

    I was ‘conquered’ by their honest transparency, superb organising skills & promotions of our EVENTS, leading to GREAT RESULTS

    (All this beats any other organisations I knew in the past).
    Yes I am PROUD to exhibit at Lizian Events 👍🎉

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